Best Graduation Songs

The best graduation songs have inspirational lyrics that are meaningful to the age group that is graduating. Kindergarten graduation songs will be more light-hearted and optimistic than high school graduation songs, although optimistic themes have a place in any graduation.

A fitting graduation song is one that's familiar and enjoyed by those graduating; however, kindergarten graduation songs may appeal more to parents than to students who may not have established musical tastes. Here are some suggestions for graduation songs for each school milestone.

Kindergarten Graduation Songs
The graduation ceremony should include something performed by the kids themselves, such as a poem or a few short songs. For the kids to march in or out, though, here are some good choices. These songs have optimistic, lighthearted themes. Those are the ideas you want your Kindergarteners and their parents to take away from the ceremony.

  • This Little Light of Mine, by Harry Dixon Loes
  • I Believe I Can Fly, by R. Kelly
  • What a Wonderful World, made popular by Louis Armstrong
  • Dream a Dream, from Les Miserables

Junior High/Middle School Graduation Songs
Students this age usually enjoy popular musis. Choose a song that has some positive themes, that isn't too adult for this age and that parents will also enjoy hearing. It's great if a chorus from the school can learn an arrangement of the chosen song and sing it for the audience. There might be some cross-over between these songs and High School graduation songs, but it's important that the songs for this age still express optimism, while avoiding themes of sexuality, drugs, or alcohol. Here are some suggestions:

  • Graduation, by Vitamin C
  • You're Gonna Miss This, by Trace Adkins
  • Graduation Song, by Amy Diamond
  • Best Days, by Graham Colton

High School Graduation Songs
In high school, graduation means something powerful and a little bit scary. Everyone is going off to a future, whether it's college, work or moving. Graduation means parting, growing up and more. The songs for this age can be more reflective of these ideas and the mixed emotions of leaving and growing up. Inappropriate language and references to sex, drugs or alcohol may be a hit with the kids, but they won't go over well with parents. 

  • I Will Remember You, by Sarah McLachlan
  • Seasons of Love, from Rent
  • In My Life, by The Beatles
  • Time of Your Life, by Green Day
  • One Moment in Time, by Whitney Houston
  • Friends, by Michael W. Smith
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