Graduation Gift Ideas for Guys

One of life's major milestones is graduating from high school, college or graduate school. When a special guy in your life-such as a husband, brother, son, nephew or friend-achieves this prestigious goal, graduation gifts are an appropriate way to let him know how proud you are of him. However, coming up with graduation gift ideas for guys is no easy task, but with a little thought, you can choose from several options that will convey your pride and happiness at the accomplishment.

Because graduation means moving on to new things, give him something to help with the transition. If he's going from high school to college, give him items that he can use at school or in the workforce. Lift his spirits with an inspirational book written by a business or political leader or give him a subscription to his favorite magazine. An engraved watch or Swiss Army knife can commemorate the special event with a keepsake that will last for a lifetime.

If your guy is moving into a profession after college graduation, he can use a graduation gift that will make job hunting easier. Personalized leather portfolios are always good for carrying resumes around, as is a leather or vinyl laptop computer case. Make sure he looks spiffy at the interview with Italian silk ties, cufflinks or a money clip. A made to order dress shirt will get him hooked on fine clothes and is sure to make him feel confident when facing an interviewer. A parent or spouse might consider a new suit as an appropriate graduation gift ideas for guys.

Give him graduation gifts that will remind him of the fun and challenging school experience he is leaving. Give a photo album full of college pictures, or empty so he can fill it with his own. A nice graduation gift idea for guys is a blanket, sweatshirt or hat in the school colors or with the logo. If he's going to be leaving the city or state soon, something personal that he'll miss about the area makes a great graduation gift. Maple syrup from the northeast, a case of local salsa from the southwest or any regional food item will remind him of what he's leaving behind.

Gadgets are always welcome graduation gifts for guys. Look for a charging station for all his gadgets, or give him a new one with a novelty alarm clock that reports the weather as well. Digital screen key chains or picture frames are the hot new gadget, while more traditional gadgets such as camcorders, cameras and iPod accessories can never go wrong as graduation gifts.

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