Graduation Party Games

Graduation party games should be anything but serious. There was plenty of time to be serious in school, now is the time to have fun. Party games can border on silly or downright ridiculous. As long as everyone's having fun and enjoying themselves, you needn't worry. Some people are watchers rather than players, so give them something entertaining to watch.

Types of Party Games
There are three kinds of party games: those you play alone, such as the card game Solitaire, games you play against one person, such as Chinese Checkers and games that call for interaction between several players. These games are called team games.

Games that pit you against one or more opponents are perfect for a graduation party. If you've got the space, horseshoes, washers or bag toss are great games. It's also a good idea to set up a card table area for the card sharks in the group, a puzzle table for those who'd rather sit calmly and enjoy one another's company and coloring book and crayons table for the youngest.

Group Games
Group games can include as many players as you like. These games do not pit teams against one another, but rather each person is playing against everyone else. Place a box in the middle of a table and ask every person who is playing to put something on the table that belongs to them. Make sure the item is something small. Each person then walks around the table and looks at the items. When everyone has taken a good look, the objects are placed into the box. After 5 minutes pass, each person is given a sheet of paper and a pen and asked to jot down the name of each item that was placed in the box. The one who guesses the most items wins and gets the pleasure of telling everyone else at the party that their memory is the best.

Another idea might be a watermelon spitting contest or a spelling contest. For young and old alike, the Balloon Wobble is as much fun to watch as it is to play. Put a penny into a balloon and then blow it up. Each person receives one balloon. The object is to keep your balloon from hitting the floor. The uneven weight in the balloon causes it to wobble uncharacteristically, making it a lot of fun to watch and much more difficult to keep in the air than you would imagine.

Team Games
Team games require guests to mingle with other guests and get to know one another better as they strategize against opposing teams.

  • Treasure Hunt: Hide some objects early in the day. Objects should pertain in some way to graduation or to the graduate.
  • Pass the Card: For this game, each player needs a plastic straw. Each team stands in a line. The first person in the line is given a deck of cards. The object of the game is to see which team can move the cards, one at a time, to the end of the line. The only catch is that the cards cannot be touched by anyone except the first and last person in line. The first person pulls the cards out of the box. She then sucks the card to her straw, and passes the card to the next person in line, who must also pass the card by sucking on the straw to draw the card tight. The hard part is recognizing when your teammate has the card, so that you can release the suction on your end and she can pass the card to the next person. If the card is dropped, the person who dropped it must pick it up by sucking it to his straw and passing it to the next person. This game can go on forever if you use a full deck, so you might want to limit it to one suit per team.
  • Outdoor Games: This includes sack races, wheelbarrow races and three-legged races, as well as any sport that can be played with two or more teams.

The bottom line is that graduation parties should be fun. If games are available, guests will naturally gravitate toward them. The laughter that ensues is well worth the extra effort of setting up the games.

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