Cute Kindergarten Graduation Ideas

While kindergarten graduation ideas should be fun and adventurous, the biggest factor in planning an event of this nature is safety. It's best to hold the graduation ceremony in an area that the children already know, so that no one gets lost or frightened.

Choosing a Location
Children often exhibit fear and anxiety when confronted with a new place. That fear will be compounded if the child is also expected to perform during the event. The children might love the zoo, but it probably would prove to be too distracting for a commencement ceremony. Poolside is not only distracting, but dangerous. The local park may be the perfect spot, as long as the playground equipment is not in view.

Because safety should come first, you might want to hold the graduation ceremony in an enclosed area. Adults will be busy preparing tables and watching younger siblings, so an enclosed area where the graduates cannot wander away undetected is best. Try these locations for the ceremony:

  • The backyard of one of the parents
  • The classroom (move desks so that there is enough room)
  • An enclosed outdoor courtyard
  • A clubhouse

Show Off Your Shining Stars
If the event is indoors, the perfect sendoff for children heading into first grade is to spotlight them as stars. Put them on the stage and let them show off a bit.

Use white caps and gowns and affix large glow-in-the-dark stars to the top of each graduation cap as the children arrive. In the middle of the ceremony, have the children stand in a row on the stage. As you pass out flashlights to the children, announce to the audience that the children will be singing a song they have prepared for their guests, and that the overhead lights will be turned off. Once the lights have been turned off, instruct the children to turn on their flashlights. While the children sing an appropriate song, they can wave their flashlights slowly so that the light beams cross one another but do not shine into their own faces or into the audience.

When the song is finished, instruct the children to turn off their flashlights. That is the signal to the children to turn around so that their backs are facing the audience. The stars on top of their caps will glow brightly to show the audience who the stars of this show really are. You can then turn on the lights and pass out the diplomas.

Show Off a Little Genius
Because children at this age are so sweet and adorable, anything they say or do as part of the ceremony will be memorable. Have each child stand up and tell the audience their name and what they would like to be when they grow up. Just to show off a bit, each child can spell a very large word and explain what the word means. After each child is finished, hand out their diploma and have the child walk back to his or her chair. Once they are all finished, the teacher can then pass out Genius Awards, making sure each child receives an award. Genius Awards could be awards such as: knows his address, can spell all the names of her brothers and sisters, can recite the ABCs fluently as well as write them or is always willing to share his knowledge by helping others.

Other ways to show off your child's genius would be to allow each child to answer a specific question, such as, "If you could be any animal in the world, which would it be and why?" or, "If you could live anyplace in the world, where would you live and why?" In each case, the questions and answers would be practiced in advance so the children feel confident in giving their answers.

Voices Raised in Song
Some of the most important and cherished moments to be found in a kindergarten graduation occur when the children sing. Few sounds are as pure and innocent as a children's choir. Try to include at least one song the children have enjoyed from kindergarten such as, "The Wheels on the Bus," one song that the parents can sing along with and one closing song. If the children are up to it, three songs sung in the middle of the ceremony provide great video and photo opportunities.

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