Unique Graduation Party Ideas

If you're working on party plans for your graduate, you'll want to check out these unique graduation party ideas:

Where to Hold the Party
You could have the party at your home, a reception hall, a community center or a park; or, you could do something a bit different, depending on your budget, and hold it at one of these locations:

  • A drive-in movie theater
  • A swimming pool
  • A skating rink
  • A laser tag facility
  • A bounce facility or family fun center (a chance for your grad to act like a kid)
  • On a party boat or cruise boat

If you aren't having the party at your house, be sure to book your location early-venues get snatched up quickly during graduation season. And, if the party will be outside, establish a backup plan.

Graduation Party Themes
Creating a theme for the party can be as simple as picking up decorations with graduation caps on them. You can also use the theme as inspiration for graduation party favor ideas. Just be sure to consult with the graduate before going all-out with a single theme. For inspiration, consider some of these themes:

Off to College. Decorate in the colors of the college that your graduate is headed to, or let the location of the college dictate the theme. Have a beach theme if your teen is headed off to a school in California; a Wild West theme if he's headed to a western state or a fiesta if he's headed to New Mexico-nearly every location will suggest a theme.

Back to When It All Began. Throw a party that celebrates the decade in which your graduate was born. Then, encourage guests to dress accordingly. For the nineties, think MC Hammer pants or grunge-style flannel shirts over T-shirts.

Reach for the Stars. Encourage your graduate to dream big with a star-studded event. Star plates, cups, napkins and decorations will help to set the theme.

Graduation Year. Make the graduation year the theme for the party. Pick up sunglasses, balloons, plates and cups that feature the year, and you've got an instant theme. If you take this route, you can save a lot of money by picking up New Year's decorations after they go on clearance. Since they feature the right year, they're just as useful at a graduation party.

Fun Party Activities and Ideas
Autographed Plates. Purchase a set of inexpensive plates in white or another solid color, along with a food-safe marker. Then, place the plates on a table, and let guests fill them with notes and autographs. After the party, your grad can use them as his first set of dishes.

Roast the Graduate. Give your grad a good ribbing with a few jokes and fond memories. Sit your graduate down in front of the crowd, and take turns roasting the guest of honor. Just remember: it's only fun if the graduate thinks it's fun, so be sure to run it by them first. There's a fine line between funny and mean.

A Time Capsule. Ask guests to bring something to put in a time capsule. Then, place all of the items in the capsule, and bury it during the party.

Food Ideas. Sometimes the party theme will suggest a particular type of cuisine to serve, like tacos at a fiesta or barbeque at a Wild West party, but, if your theme leaves you wondering what to serve, consider these ideas:

A Chocolate Bar. Skip right to dessert with a buffet dedicated to all things chocolate-chocolate mousse, chocolate cake and chocolate truffles.

A Nacho Bar. Load up a table with big bowls of tortilla chips and every topping you can think of-nacho cheese, for sure, but also lettuce shreds, tomatoes, pinto beans, olives, sour cream, guacamole and salsa.

A Giant Sub. Save yourself the hassle of preparing the food, and order a six-foot sub from a local sub shop. Then, add chips and soda for a complete meal that teens will love.

Cake. Customize a cake for your grad by having a special photo printed onto the icing. Most grocery store bakeries offer this service.

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