What Is a Good Boyfriend Graduation Gift

Before "Pomp and Circumstance" starts playing, friends and family members have spent hours searching the mall for that perfect graduation gift. While parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents can always fall for the stand-by favorite gift of any graduate - cold hard cash - girlfriends are the ones with a real challenge in front of them. What's the perfect boyfriend graduation gift?

Engraved briefcase or messenger bag
If your boyfriend is graduating from college and heading into the professional workforce, consider investing in an engraved briefcase or messenger bag for him to take to work. Purchase one with enough room for a laptop, like Gifts for Professionals' Laptop Messenger Bag Leather Briefcase, and the gift can be something he uses for both work and travel. He'll love the gift even more with his initials embossed in the leather (for a small additional charge, of course).

Travel mug
Don't break the bank, but get the point across with a classy travel mug. The gift can be engraved with a cute message, reminding your guy to get to work, to wake up or to have a great day. This boyfriend graduation gift is perfect for the high school or college graduate, and for someone headed to classes, the office or the job site.

University gear
Is the guy in your life graduating from college, or from high school and heading to university for the first time? Either way, university gear is a gift he can appreciate. For the university graduate, consider splurging on a throw for his couch in his new apartment, or a jacket. For someone headed to college, think about a T-shirt, coffee mug or other dorm room accessory.

Movie and television classics
Is your high school boyfriend heading off to college? Consider purchasing some of the college movie classics, such as Animal House, Old School and Revenge of the Nerds. These films are a great choice for any dorm room, and your boyfriend will be able to get plenty of use out of them. Is your boyfriend graduating from college? Think about purchasing a few of his favorite television shows in box sets. Once he's working full time, he'll miss those daytime episodes of The Simpsons and Dawson's Creek that he came to love during his college days.

Dorm room and apartment necessities
Whether your boyfriend is graduating from college or high school, there are going to be certain things he'll need for his dorm room or apartment. Consider spending an afternoon at Bed Bath & Beyond with your boyfriend, and help him select a few things to spruce up his new homestead. The gift can not only be the lamp he wants, but also the knives he needs and the pillows he craves. And your time shopping with him to help celebrate this next stage in his life will be equally appreciated.

Gym membership
Is your guy a sports enthusiast? Does he love running, working out or hiking? Once the real world hits, time for these activities becomes few and far between. Consider purchasing a year-long membership for your college graduate boyfriend to a gym near his new office or apartment. Though the gift is expensive, it's something that he can use and appreciate all year long. Try to catch Gold's Gym when it is running a special, and you can save money on the deal, too. Do you and your boyfriend live nearby or together? A couple's membership might be a better choice in the long run.

Boyfriend graduation gifts pose unique challenges to the girls who want to spoil their guys. Whether you want to get something little for your high school boyfriend or something big and exciting to celebrate your college boyfriend's graduation, there are more options out there than you might think. The most important part of selecting a boyfriend's graduation gift is to get him something he will treasure. If you know him well, you'll be able to come up with the perfect gift.

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