Derby Day Hats: A Fun Kentucky Derby Craft Project for Kids

Each spring, spectators break out their finest hats to wear to the Kentucky Derby. These festive hats have become a traditional part of the races. From wide-brimmed straw hats to feather bedecked fascinators, this famous horse race wouldn't be quite the same without this fashionable parade of hats. Let your kids have some fun this spring by making their own Derby Day hats.

Floppy craft paper hats

One easy way to make craft hats for kids is to form one out of a large piece of craft paper. This plain brown or white paper is typically sold on rolls at arts and crafts stores. To begin, cut a sheet of paper that is much larger than your child's head. Form the center of the paper around her head and wrap it with masking tape to create its shape. Now cut the rest of the paper into a large circle to make a floppy brim.

Now that the hat is formed, your kids can decorate it with stickers, markers, paint, glitter or other art supplies. They can also glue on ribbons, feathers, plastic gems and any other decorations they can find.

Rolled newspaper hats

You can easily teach kids how to make a rolled-brim hat out of newspaper. Open a few sheets of newspaper, layer them together, and drape them over your child's head. Use masking tape to make a band around the hat while the paper is still on your child's head. Now, roll up the loose paper to form a scrunchy brim.

Once the hat has its shape, it's time to decorate. The rolled-brim is perfect for tucking in large flower blossoms, gift ribbons, feathers or other goodies.

Paper plate hats

The simplest way to make a kid craft hat is with a plain paper plate and some ribbon. Just staple ribbons to either edge of the plate and tie it under your child's chin. These flat hats make a great base for decorating fancy fascinator-style headwear. You can use a regular-sized plate to cover your child's head, or use a dessert plate for a smaller fascinator.

You can get these hats ready for Derby Day by adding whatever decorations you have on hand. Stick-on gift bows and fluffy craft feathers are perfect for letting your child's imagination run wild!

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One of the most famous horse races in the world has a unique and interesting history behind it. Held each year in Louisville, Kentucky, the derby has been dubbed "the most exciting two minutes in sports." The Kentucky Derby is also known as the "Run for the Roses" because of the 554-rose blanket that is placed around the winning horse's neck.

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