Creative Luau Cake Ideas

Luau cake ideas are not a dime a dozen. If you're searching for a really creative luau cake, your first step is to think outside the box, as a normal two-layer cake will never do.

Picture a luau and the exotic atmosphere. Some of the things that run through your mind might include grass skirts, palm trees, sunny skies, blue waters, leis, shells and sea creatures. A luau cake can be created from any idea you come up with, but fitting the luau theme will make it much more special.

Hawaiian Dancer
If you want your cake to resemble a Hawaiian dancer, grass skirt and all, your utensils and bakeware won't be much different from what you'd normally use when making a cake. Use a box cake mix of your choice, or a recipe for a cake from scratch, and one sheet-cake pan. You'll need a package of Hostess Snowballs for the bikini top and a package or two of Fruit Rollups to create the long, flowing grass skirt.

Forget the face, unless you're very talented with frosting, and forget the legs, which aren't needed. Use food coloring to dye white frosting the color you require. A nice tan for the dancer's belly and a light blue for the background are perfect. You don't even have to remove the cake from the pan. Just frost, decorate and serve.

Palm Trees
If you'd like to create a cake with palm trees, there are two easy ways to make it:

  • A sheet cake with palm trees sculpted with a pastry bag and colored frosting.
  • A two-layer round cake with upright palm trees. Palm trees can be made out of cardboard and paper or vegetables. To create a veggie palm tree, you'll need a long, slender carrot and a green pepper cut into slices. Using a small knife, carve the slices so that they look like leaves. Carefully attach the leaves to the top of the carrot with toothpicks. Embed the other end of the carrot an inch or two into the cake so that it's secure. Add several veggie palm trees to the cake. If the taste of green pepper and frosting does not appeal to you, use brown licorice for the trunk, with a wooden skewer inserted through it. You can then use green Fruit Rollups for the leaves and malted milk balls for coconuts.

Ocean Scene
You can create an ocean scene with a sheet cake. Use blue frosting all around the edge of the cake, then switch to frosting that has been dyed the color of beach sand. Mound the beach sand frosting up in the middle of the cake so that the cake looks like it has an island in the center. Sprinkle brown sugar over the beach frosting and place Godiva chocolate candy seashells around the perimeter of the mound, as if they've just been washed ashore. Put some gummy sharks in the water. Finally, plant a palm tree in the center of the cake and place a poseable Ken doll, wearing a straw hat and shorts, beside the tree. Let the long legs dangle into the water near the gummy sharks. You can use Barbie in place of Ken, but don't use both, or you'll lose the "stranded" idea.

Cupcake Cakes
To create a unique, beautiful cake that is not technically a cake, use cupcakes. Cupcakes have made a huge comeback of late, and their collective presence should not be underestimated. Cupcakes can be formed into a design, such as a dolphin or fish, to create an easy cake. This type of cake can take up a lot of room, so make sure you have plenty of space before you lay out the design. Also, this cake cannot be moved once it's made, so make sure it's placed where it won't be in the way of any party activity you may have planned.

Each cupcake is frosted individually and placed in the design, making sure each cupcake is touching the next and no gaps are visible. When you have all of the cupcakes in their proper order, it's time to frost across the entire top. It's easiest if you use a frosting bag and different tips to accomplish the last step. When someone wants a piece of cake, they simply remove one cupcake.

Another great way to create a fantastic cake is to make a flowering cupcake tower out of edible flowers and cupcakes. Cupcake towers come in a variety of sizes. Pick up a cupcake tower that will fit your event. Make the cupcakes, frost them, and insert them into the tower. Once you have the cupcakes in order, cut the flowers so that the stems are only about two inches long. Insert one or two flowers into each cupcake, arranging them so that they overlap and create a huge flowering cake. Because not all flowers are edible, you'll need to do a bit of research before you add a green touch to your cake making.

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