Throw a Spectacular Luau Party

Whether it's a beach-side barbecue or a one-of-a-kind birthday bash, there are few more popular themes to celebrate your upcoming get-together than that of a Hawaiian luau party. In order to guarantee that your guests will get into the festivities by enjoying an assortment of island eats and beachy beverages, be sure to pull out all the stops the next time you throw a spectacular luau party.


Perhaps the most important element of a luau party is the decor you use to spice up the scenery. Even if you are hosting the event in your own backyard, your goal should be to have your guests feel as though they are enjoying an afternoon or evening at a beach retreat on a far-off island.

Whether you are throwing a luau party for school-age children or full-fledged adults, you will need to set up a tiki table to serve as a bar for festive drinks or non-alcoholic beverages. Pre-packaged tiki tables can be purchased at local party favor stores, but they can also be quickly made from scratch using a table you already have. If you choose to use your own decor, set up the table in a prominent position in your party space and line the edges with the material used to make grass skirts. Layer large palm leaves across the top of the table and sprinkle the remaining space with real or plastic hibiscus blooms in bright colors such as red, orange, yellow and pink.

To continue with your tropical theme, don't forget to take several tiki torches and place them around the perimeter of your outdoor party space. Use them to light up a dance floor or highlight the tiki table at which special foods and drinks are being served throughout the event. Since most tiki torches burn citrus-scented citronella candles, they will not only keep pesky bugs away from your party but will also help to create a unique ambiance characteristic of the most spectacular luau party.


Another extremely important aspect of throwing an amazing luau party is the type of food you will serve your wide array of guests. If you are hosting your party in the afternoon or during after-dinner hours, you will only need to plan on having an assortment of hors d'oeuvres or small snacks available for your guests. Consider continuing the island theme by spooning a seafood mixture onto bite-sized crackers or serving hot, cheesy crab dip with pita chips. If you plan to serve a dinner at your luau party, stick with something light and flavorful, such as teriyaki steak kabobs on festive skewers or fried fish bites with a spicy mango salsa. Spruce up each guest table with a decorative dish full of an island-themed snack food, such as a tempting trail mix containing macadamia nuts and dark chocolate candies.


Whether yours is a child's birthday party or a celebration geared primarily toward adults, serving a playful, fruity beverage to everyone in attendance is a surefire way to make a splash when you throw a luau party. If you have a relatively large guest list, buy or rent a margarita machine to use during the day of the event so that you can quickly and efficiently serve all of your friends and family a variety of alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. Regardless of the ingredients used in each beverage, if you tack on a brightly colored miniature umbrella and top the glass with a tuft of whip cream and a cherry, you're sure to create a unique drink that will tickle the taste buds of each and every one of the guests at your next luau party.

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