Creative Masquerade Mask Ideas

Masquerade mask ideas aren't limited to the standard, expressionless white face or the glittery mask attached to a handle. If you truly want to make a splash at a masquerade, you should think about ways to come up with eye-catching masquerade masks.

Masquerade ball masks don't just disguise your identity. They serve as an accessory to your outfit and convey the personality of your character. By playing against your usual personality, or others' perceptions of you, you can keep the guests guessing about your true identity all night long.

Dressing up a Mask
Feel free to take an ordinary masquerade mask and personalize it. You can even make your own mask from a piece of cardboard and some elastic. This allows you to choose a style and shape that is perfectly comfortable for your face.

If you aren't terribly crafty, you can find a good selection of masquerade masks at a local costume shop or an online costume supply store. Think of these blank masks as your canvas. Enhancing your masquerade mask is as simple as a trip to the craft store. There you can buy feathers, ribbons, buttons, beads, sequins and paint to glamorize your mask.

A dazzling mask can really finish off your outfit. If you are a very low-key person, you may want to stick with a simple one-color mask that only covers your eyes.

If you are a little more daring, you can select a mask that is adorned with all manner of decorations. You can also find masks with long, birdlike beaks or overly exaggerated noses and chins.

Remember, You'll Be Wearing this
When dressing for a masquerade ball or party, remember that your mask is an integral part of your outfit. It is important to choose a mask that fits you comfortably and that provides adequate openings for seeing, eating and breathing. You will be wearing the mask throughout the entire party. If food and drinks are part of the occasion, choose a half mask that doesn't cover your lower face, or look for designs that leave the mouth completely free. Lifting the mask for a sip of champagne is against the rules at a masquerade. 

Masks attached to a stick are neat and elegant, but they require you to keep one hand occupied with the stick at all times. This can be tiring or inconvenient, so make sure you're ready to deal with the mask all night.

Theme Suggestions
Stuck for ideas? Here are some suggestions to get your creativity flowing.

  • A spring or summer mask can include flowers or vines.
  • A fall mask can be decorated with leaves and acorns.
  • In winter, a white mask can be sprayed with glitter to represent snow, or you can glue snowflakes to the mask.
  • For a sun mask, decorate with red and gold rays. A night mask can be black or midnight blue, with stars and moons.
  • If you want something a little more exotic, glue on feathers or rhinestones.
  • For something, a little scarier, paint on an eerie skeleton or the details of a skull.
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