Fun Community Parade Float Ideas

These community parade float ideas are a sure way to generate community spirit.The purpose of a parade is to celebrate a special occasion. A community parade unites local people by honoring traditions important to the neighborhood. Parade entries may include marching bands, animals, dignitaries and floats.

Consider the Theme
Many parades select a theme. The message and scene depicted on the float should fit the overall theme of the parade. Consider colors, time of year and wordplay when brainstorming for ideas. A business or organization may choose to use their signature colors or mascot for advertising purposes. Or, it may choose to think outside the float and try building on a creative message.

For example, an FFA chapter may choose to incorporate the organization's colors of blue and gold and focus on agriculture. Or, the group may choose to take the parade's theme and twist a phrase or slogan to capture attention.

Generate Ideas
A community parade float should address members of the community with a fun and positive message. Here are a few possible theme extensions:

  • If you live in a multicultural area, consider adapting a world-wide approach to your float. Incorporate cultures and customs and you'll have a suitable float.
  • Holiday floats can be constructed around any aspect associated with a holiday. Shamrocks and leprechauns for St. Patrick's Day; angels or snowflakes for a Christmas holiday float.
  • Churches may choose to participate in a community parade. Build on any aspect of the Bible: a verse, a song, a story. Have fun with the idea and parade-goers will remember the float.
  • Kids may choose to participate. Depending on the child's age, animals, cartoon characters, or cowboy themes generate enthusiasm.
  • School mascots stir school and community spirit. Add a sports theme to a float.
  • A float doesn't necessarily have to fill a flat-bed trailer and be pulled behind a truck. A pickup bed or wagon work just as easily. Sometimes, a walking exhibit draws a huge response.
  • Pop culture references are usually a hit. Look at popular movies, TV shows, marketing campaigns, or songs for ideas.

A community parade float should represent a spirited interest in the neighborhood, be creative, and include fun and fellowship.

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