Easy Parade Float Ideas

Easy parade float ideas are a snap. Elaborate parade entries don't have to cost a fortune or take a week to construct. All it takes is a concept and creativity.

The Basic Idea
Start with a basic idea. Does the parade have a theme? If so, develop ideas based on the theme. Word associations, pop culture, and advertising slogans are perfect fodder. Just add a twist and you're on your way.

Once you've come up with your entry's concept, draw a design of what will be included on the float. Less is often more when planning a parade entry. Simple scenes work best.

Theme Scenes
Use the KISS principle when building a float. Keep it simple! Theme scenes can be built with props associated with the theme

  • Harvest theme - Use hay bales and dry corn stocks to decorate
  • Christmas theme - Dress up Santa and Mrs. Claus interacting with elves
  • Homecoming theme - Capture the opposing team's mascot for a victory

These examples incorporate general items tied to a theme. Be creative and set the stage for the scene you want to build.

Building Materials
Will your float be in the bed of a pickup or will a pickup pull a flatbed trailer? It will make a difference when planning to buy materials. Necessary supplies include:

  • Artificial grass or rug to cover the trailer bed
  • Fabric or vinyl fringe to cover the sides of the trailer
  • Paint to use for signs or to paint any cutouts or props
  • Tape - magnetic tape works best on trailers

Use the sketch to determine if you'll use cardboard cutouts of objects or if there is time to build a wood frame and use chicken wire. If you make 3-D shapes with chicken wire, you will need some type of material to stuff into the wire. Tissue paper is a popular choice.

Additional supplies that you may choose to consider, especially if cost isn't an issue, include:

  • Balloons
  • Crepe paper streamers
  • Festooning
  • Foamboard Letters
  • Streamers

An inexpensive parade float can be just as impressive as a float that spares no expense. Generating a concept and using creativity makes building a parade float an easy task.

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