Unique Float Themes for Parades

Colorful and flashy, float themes for parades set an expressive tone while combining the parade theme with a catchy concept. Add a fresh twist to a slogan and you've come up with a unique float theme for a parade. Looking for unique ideas? Start with the concept or theme.

Time-Based Themes
Using a time-based theme for a float narrows the focus. Plus, it's downright fun. Contemplate one of these bygone eras:

  • Medieval Times - The knight in shining armor always saves the day. Or in this case, the parade float.
  • Wild West - Cowboys, cactus, and critters. Rope an idea around this concept.
  • 1950s - How about a sock hop?
  • 1960s - Up for a little retro flower power?

World-Wide Themes
Bring the world to your float with these ideas:

  • Arabian Nights - Take a magic carpet ride.
  • Big Apple Lights - Start spreading the news via your float.
  • Chinese New Year - Draggin' the opponent through the mud.
  • Hawaii - Surf's up with a tropical theme.
  • Jungle - Watch out for the wild animals.
  • Egypt - Walk like an Egyptian and wow the crowd.
  • Hollywood - Take five and that's a wrap.
  • Under the Sea - Reel in the audience.

Entertainment Themes
Pop culture, movies, literature, and television provide plenty of inspiration for unique parade float themes.

  • Camelot - Chivalry sells.
  • Cartoon characters - SpongeBob, Dora the Explorer, or Elmo capture attention.
  • Disney characters - A plethora of characters add a universal touch.
  • Harry Potter - Wizardry casts a magical spell.
  • Indiana Jones - Adventure whips the competition.
  • James Bond - Mystery meets sophistication.
  • Superheroes - Masked men and women perform daring feats.
  • Treasure Island - Pirates with buried loot fight off the enemy.

A unique float theme for a parade needs a solid concept and a dose of creativity. Captivate the crowd with dazzling colors and a brilliant idea.

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