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Casino Night parties are exciting and give guests a taste of Las Vegas style gambling, but may not include losing (or winning) lots of money in the process. An exception to this is Casino Night Fundraiser parties, which are designed to raise money for a cause, school, charity, or nonprofit organization. Casino Night parties have also been used as successful After Prom activities, giving High School Seniors and their dates something safe, and fun to do after the dance, and also giving them a chance to win items for future college days.

Generally, people don't throw Casino Night parties at their homes, unless they have a large house with a big room to do this in. Casino Night parties are generally a bit more expensive to host than other types of parties, as the party accessories (chips, cards, dice, roulette wheels, table covers, rules, dealers, "money") are rarely homemade, and instead should be bought or rented to give the party an authentic feel. Casino Night parties are generally formal or semiformal, to duplicate the atmosphere of a Vegas casino or movie about one. Also, a Casino Night party usually needs lots of guests to be players at the games, so this isn't the kind of party to have a small intimate crowd for. That kind of party is called Poker Night.

Black, white and green are the colors of choice for a Casino Night. Invitations and décor should feature these colors. The invitation can be formal looking, or fun tuxedo-style. Be sure to include the dress code, and if the Casino Night party is a fundraiser, and for what organization or cause. If it is a fundraiser, you will probably sell tickets for admission (in an attempt to cover the cost of the games, tables, etc.), offer drink tickets (one or two with admission and the rest for purchase), and state if there will be prizes, an auction, sponsors, what the initial script will be, or other information. Other Casino Night parties won't sell tickets but should give information about when, where, and what to wear.

Decorate the room with green, black and white balloons, and use crepe paper streamers in those colors too. There will need to be a number of casino tables - one or more for each game, depending on the number of people expected. Table covers should be black velvet, with the design of each game printed in white on it. Casino Night table setups are available for rent from party supply stores, and getting a Casino Night set is easy and customizable to your needs.

The basic Casino Night games are: Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and Craps. You may have different tables for variations on Poker, or additional games. You'll need plenty of fake money, poker chips, lots of decks of cards, a roulette wheel, and dice. Also you should have volunteer or professional dealers (wearing visors and arm bands). If this is a fundraiser, you'll need security and a locked area for the bank to exchange real money for chips. You will also need rule info cards for each game, in case someone needs to refer to them.

Food & Drink
Food should be varied and bite-sized, and should be offered with a napkin to minimize food getting on the cards and supplies. Drinks should look fancy, and it's always good to have a non-alcoholic option as well. For fundraisers, you may wish to include one or two drinks with a ticket, and charge for additional drink tickets. The object is not to spend all profits on libations.

Play great music, encourage fun, award prizes and have a good time.

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