Decorations for Pool Parties for Kids

Making your own pool party decorations gives you total control of the theme. Decorations are easy to make, and some will double as pool party supplies and favors. 

Important Points
Make sure your decorations are waterproof. Crepe paper dissolves when it gets wet. Colors in crepe and construction paper can run when they're wet, making a mess. You can have some paper decorations well away from the pool, but stick to plastic for anything the guests will be near. To save money, you can purchase party favors that can double as centerpieces, and be scattered around the pool area as decorations as well. Metallic confetti is also a safe choice, as long as it won't clog your pool filter.   

Fun Ideas

  • Get beach balls in various sizes. Scatter them around the pool, the deck and on the tables. They are colorful, and the guests will have a great time throwing them around. Best of all, they can be party favors as well, going home with your guests after the party.
  • Kid-size party-favor sunglasses can be put all over the tables. Guests will have fun trying them on and wearing them at the party. Even adults will try them on for a laugh.
  • Hawaiian leis made from plastic make good party decorations and favors. Hand these out as guests arrive, or use them as part of centerpieces on tables.
  • Put a waterproof disposable camera on each table. Let the guests pass the camera around for some fun pictures that you can share after the party.
  • Tie or hang beach towels over each chair. Guests can use them if they forgot their own, and they will lend the right atmosphere to the event. Inexpensive beach towels or bath towels in colors that complement the theme are the best choice. You can also find beach towels printed with popular cartoon characters.
  • Small beach pails are good for a pool party because guests will take the pails into the pool and pour water on each other for a laugh. You can fill them with little candies on the table if you want to use them for a centerpiece. Think of putting a trial-size bottle of sunblock, sunglasses and a beach ball in each one instead of candy if you want to offer the guests something useful and fun.
  • Balloons are completely waterproof. If you've got the time, putting a balloon arch near the pool is sure to grab guests' attention. If time is short or you're on a budget, put small clusters of balloons all around the pool fence. Get balloons in two or three colors that complement the theme of the party. You don't need helium-filled balloons; you can simply tie balloons in groups of five or seven to fence posts to add to the festive atmosphere.
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