Choosing the Perfect Quinceanera Gowns

Girls celebrating their Quineanera normally appear in beautiful quinceanera gowns. This celebration is a highly regarded event and is similar to sweet 16 parties here in the United States. The Quinceanera is a bit more elaborate, though, and is based more on ritual and culture.

Prepare to Start Early: Buying a gown for this occasion is a major event. Finding the perfect gown can take months, or even years. The planning for the celebration begins a full year in advance, so the church and banquet halls can be booked. The entire family takes part in planning everything, from the food to the gown and accessories.

Finding that perfect Quinceanera gown is the most important aspect of the entire party. The gown has to be breathtakingly beautiful so that all eyes remain on the girl at all times. Girls have often decided on the type of gown they want before they even turn 10 years old, often asking everyone for advice.

Colors and Shapes of Quinceanera Gowns: Traditionally, Quinceanera gowns were big and bold, resembling a wedding or prom dress, and they had to be white or princess pink in color. Now, the color choices are not limited by the culture, and a girl can choose any color she likes.

The gown will often be elaborate, with lots of crinoline or a hoop skirt to make the gown stand out. Think of a princess gown, and you are thinking of a traditional Quinceanera gown style. Once the young lady adds a tiara and the rest of the accessories, she truly does resemble a princess in her own right.

Other Considerations: Another tip when buying the gown is to make sure it matches well with the theme of the party. Many Quinceanera parties are built around a theme chosen by the family. Not surprisingly, a princess theme is the most popular.

The gown will be worn the entire day, from the church ceremony to the Quinceanera party celebration, so it is important the style of the gown is appropriate and can be worn in church. It needs to be modest and not too revealing. The young lady will be entering adulthood in her culture's eyes, but she should still remain respectable and ladylike.

Quinceanera gowns are a Latina girl's first luxury fashion item and should be chosen with ultimate care and consideration. After all, she is the belle of the ball and should look every inch the princess.

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A quinceanera is all about a young Latina woman's coming of age. Over the years, quinceanera traditions have been handed from one generation to the next.

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