What Quinceanera Accessories Do You Need

A Quinceanera celebration is one marked by beauty, and Quinceanera accessories are no exception. Somewhat like a Sweet Sixteen party, a girl's celebratory transition into womanhood is designed to help her feel like a special princess who lights up everyone's lives. Everything involved with the special celebration needs to be as special as the special young woman it's celebrating.

The most important accessory for a Quinceanera is a pair of heeled shoes. Many Quinceanera parties include a ritual where the father replaces his daughter's childish flat shoes with a young woman's heeled shoes. Even without the special ritual, heeled shoes hold special significance.

The heeled Quinceanera shoes not only need to look lovely on their own, they need to match the Quinceanera dress, fit the wearer's feet and be comfortable to dance in. Basically, you're looking for the perfect pair of princess shoes with heels.

The Quinceanera may include a fancy or commemorative doll as a symbol of the last doll a girl receives before she becomes a young lady. The birthday girl may also receive a Bible, rosary and/or floral bouquet. For an extra special ceremony, you can also purchase toasting glasses, commemorative cake toppers and serving pieces.

There are two fancy pillows you can use in for a Quinceanera party. The first is a plush kneeling pillow to protect your dress during any kneeling or praying. The other is a very fancy presentation pillow. This pillow is used to place the gifts on, such as the heeled shoes, to present to the Quinceanera girl.

Common Quinceanera accessories keep to a royal theme. The minor items can include a crown, tiara, scepter and/or assorted jewelry. These items tend to be embedded with sparkling stones, delicate etching and masterful detail. Lace-like metal and fake gems is the predominant style.

The birthday girl usually wears much more than just a ball dress and shoes to her Quinceanera party. Girls dress in gowns complete with matching gloves, wraps, capes, coats, petticoats or undergarments. All the trappings need to fall into places as well, such as rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and hair adornments.

Think of Cinderella going to the ball-this is how a girl should feel and look for her Quinceanera. Besides accessories, remember that any Quinceanera Cinderella also needs small favors for her guests.

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Learn about the meaning of quinceanera traditions and how to prepare a quinceanera party to remember.

Girls celebrating their Quineanera normally appear in beautiful quinceanera gowns. This celebration is a highly regarded event and is similar to sweet 16 parties here in the United States. The Quinceanera is a bit more elaborate, though, and is based more on ritual and culture.

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A quinceanera is all about a young Latina woman's coming of age. Over the years, quinceanera traditions have been handed from one generation to the next.

The debutante ball is traditionally for a group of debutantes although some balls may be hosted with just one or two close relatives. Today, the majority of balls are held between November and January.

For most Latin cultures, this celebration when a girl becomes a woman is known as a Quinceanera. For many young Latin women, finding the right Quinceanera dress is a special, exciting process.

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