Coming Up With Retirement Toasts

The highlight of any retirement party is the retirement toast. It's the time when a boss, supervisor or long-time co-worker speaks to the gathered crowd about the guest of honor. When it's your turn to raise a glass to a new retiree, make sure you've followed some simple tips to ensure that the retirement toast will be long remembered.

It is important to distinguish a toast from a speech. A speech is longer than a toast, which can be as short as one or two words, but is generally no longer than a sentence or two. Speeches are generally several minutes long. A retirement toast also includes a drink, with everyone raising a glass in honor of the retiree. Above all, a toast given at a retirement party should make the gust of honor feel special.

A retirement toast should include two parts. The first part of a retirement toast is when you make a short statement that generally offers your good wishes to the retiree. The second part is where everybody agrees with what was said and then takes a drink. Some common retirement toast are:

  • May you find happiness and fortune along your new path.
  • May we forever part with regret and meet again with pleasure.
  • To Sarah. This company won't know what to do without her, but we're all about to find out.
  • A bad day of retirement is always better than a good day at work.
  • To your continued health and happiness.
  • To Roger. You set the standard for all of us. May you continue to reach new heights.

There are many popular agreements that guests might say after the toast is given. Some of the more popular ones are "cheers," "hear, hear" and "salud." Taking a drink from the glass in effect seals the toast. Failure to take a drink might indicate, whether intentionally or not, that the person doesn't agree with the offered sentiments. Also, many consider it to be bad luck to toast to someone with an empty glass, so always make sure your glass is full before you begin the retirement toast.

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When gathering retirement party ideas, keep in mind the person, place, theme, guests, timing, food and activities. Be organized, and plan a fitting tribute that expresses appreciation for the guest of honor's contributions.

Coming up with retirement gift ideas depends on how well you know the guest of honor and your budget.

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Whether you are involved in retirement party planning, or are simply invited, there are a few simple rules of retirement party etiquette to help things run more smoothly.

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