Making a Memory Book

Memory books are as individual as the person making them, and you have a multitude of choices for what to include, and how to assemble them. Here are some ideas for creating a truly thoughtful present:

The Content. Some memory books are given as gifts, and some are meant to preserve memories for whoever is making it. First, decide on what is going to be featured inside. Some possibilities include: photographs, descriptions of various anecdotes and stories to remember, hand-drawn pictures, meaningful souvenir items and poetry. Some people ask friends and family members to write down a memory or story about an individual and assemble them into the memory book, which is then presented as a gift to a person being honored. Decide what your memory book will include, and assemble the content pieces, whether they be writing, pictures or other items.

The Cover. The cover of the memory book should be creative and appealing. Consider using a binder, or even a piece of cardboard covered in fabric, wrapping paper or decorative scraps. A glue gun can be the best tool for this purpose. Be sure that, if it is not already attached to a notebook of some kind, the front and back cover (as well as the pages in between) have holes so that they can be bound together at the end. Artistic materials good for decorating the cover, as well as the pages inside, could include bits of lace, beads, stickers, ribbon, material scraps, yarn, puffy paints or glitter. Just don't forget to put a title on the front cover.

The Inside Pages. Take the content that you are including, and stick it onto the larger pages that will be bound inside the memory book. Glue stick can be a good way to affix the items as long as you give the glue time to dry. For 3-dimensional decorations, use a glue gun. If the item is a picture, add a description around it, or comments to help you remember why it's there. Decorate the page with any of the art items mentioned above. Consider laminating the pages when finished and before binding them.

The Finishing Touch. Bind the pages together. You are working with a binder, simply assemble the pages in the order you want and clip them inside. If you made the covers separately, use rings, ribbon, yarn, colored wire, pipe cleaners or colorful string to run through the front cover, inside pages and back cover, and then close it together.

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