Retirement Cakes

Retirement is a significant milestone. It is the beginning of a new phase of life, noteworthy enough to call for a party for friends, family and business associates. Every great party needs a cake, and for a retirement party, there are many fun options to both delight your guests and honor the retiree.

When planning out the food, a good host should be careful to consider the dietary requirements of the guests. This doesn't mean that if you have a number of diabetics, you should nix cake altogether. Instead, serve a regular cake as well as a sugar free cake, or a regular cake and a beautiful arrangement of sliced fruit. Consider the number of guests planned and then increase the amount of cake you serve by at least one fourth. Retirement parties are a time to celebrate, and you don't want to be left short on cake.

Retirement cakes lend themselves to many different styles. If the affair is more formal, you should plan on a cake that matches the beautiful surroundings. You are not restricted to frosted cake either. Both cheesecake and Boston cream pie are elegant and fashionable options. If the guest of honor has a particular favorite, then it is appropriate to serve that.

Hobby cakes are also very popular and are suited to a more informal party. These cakes should directly reflect the interests of the retiree. For instance, if he loves gardening, you can decorate the cake with flowers, or create it to look like a putting green for the avid golfer. A cake decorated like a map of the earth will send off a travel-hungry retiree with a smile.

If you have too many guests for one large cake to serve, you can think outside the pan by keeping the decorated cake as a centerpiece and serving matching cupcakes. Bakeries and caterers have a large selection of standard retirement cakes, but if you are handy in the kitchen, a homemade cake is not that hard. Various websites will give step-by-step instructions and even how-to videos to help make your cake look professional. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that the cake you serve at a retirement party is one that will please the guest of honor.

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Coming up with retirement gift ideas depends on how well you know the guest of honor and your budget.

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