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Retirement is a milestone accomplishment, and the retirement party is intended to honor and congratulate the retiree on years of work and success. Retirement parties can be enlivened with some retirement party games. The games should be tasteful and accentuating the positive qualities of the retiree. After all, it would be sad for the retiree to leave feeling insulted. Here are some ideas for fun, positive and tasteful retirement party ideas for games.

Office Trivia
Have a contest in teams to answer different workplace trivia questions. Be sure to throw in some inside jokes that the retiree would know. Spend some time beforehand compiling the questions. They can be questions about the age of the company, the founder of the company, the first client, the highest sale ever, the longest years of service, funny happenings at the company, the first method of copying that the company ever used, and more. Play in teams, with one person as the MC. Award points for correct answers, and a prize for the winning team.

Words of Wisdom
Have cards around with parts of a poem started, for people to fill in. The finished cards will be collected and placed into a memory book for the retiree. While not exactly a game, this retirement party idea works well and is complimentary. Poem idea: We honor Joe today/ For he ____________________/ We'll miss all his _________________,/ and the times he _________________, and we wish him ________________________.

How Well Do You Know Joe?
For this game, prepare a list of little known facts about the retiree. Be sure to include facts about his or her family, children, hobbies, favorite foods, most interesting vacation, eye color, places he or she has lived, college(s) attended, famous friends, etc. Then, you have some choices for games. You can add some false statements with the facts, and play "Two Truths and a Lie" by reading off two facts and one false statement, and letting players decide which one is not true. You could use the items for a trivia game, making the facts into questions, then having one person pick one from a bowl, and ask his teammate to guess the answer. Correct answers earn points and everyone enjoys learning more about the guest of honor.

Of course, standard speeches and funny stories are the norm at a retirement party. Remember to honor the retiree and the party will be successful.

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When gathering retirement party ideas, keep in mind the person, place, theme, guests, timing, food and activities. Be organized, and plan a fitting tribute that expresses appreciation for the guest of honor's contributions.

Coming up with retirement gift ideas depends on how well you know the guest of honor and your budget.

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Retirement is a significant milestone. It is the beginning of a new phase of life, noteworthy enough to call for a party for friends, family and business associates. Every great party needs a cake, and for a retirement party, there are many fun options to both delight your guests and honor the retiree. 

If you're looking for a enjoyable and lively way to bid farewell to a co-worker or celebrate a relative's newfound freedom, here are four fun retirement party ideas that are sure to create an unforgettable memory.

Whether you are involved in retirement party planning, or are simply invited, there are a few simple rules of retirement party etiquette to help things run more smoothly.

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