Creative Slumber Party Invitation Ideas

A unique slumber party invitation sets the mood for a terrific event. Why go with boring store-bought invites when you can create something special that will reflect the theme of your party and make your guests feel truly special? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Classic Slumber Party
For a classic slumber party, send your guests little pillows with the event details printed on them. Using solid-colored cotton fabric, cut out two 8 x 10 pieces for each invitation. On one piece of fabric, write the party information with a fabric marker, making sure not to write too close to the edges; you will need at least a half-inch all around for a seam allowance.

Next, put the two pieces of fabric together, right sides facing in, and stitch around three sides, either by hand or with a sewing machine. Turn your pillow case right side out, and stuff it with fiber fill. Fold the open edges in and stitch them closed by hand. Mail your pillows in large padded envelopes, or hand-deliver them.

Movie Night Slumber Party
For a fun invitation to a movie-themed slumber party, make invitations that look like movie tickets. Using a word processing program on your home computer, format your "movie tickets" six to a page. Be sure to include all the party details, and don't forget to type "Admit One" on each. Print them out on card stock. You can also include a "program" detailing the evening's activities in the envelope. These invitations can be mailed in regular envelopes with standard postage.

Girlie Slumber Party
For a girlie slumber party involving manicures and pedicures, you can send along some pedi essentials with the invite, and ask the girls to bring them to the party. For each invitation, get a set of pedicure toe separators, an emery board and a small bottle of nail polish. Lay the items on a new pink washcloth. Fold up the bottom, then roll the cloth into a cylinder. Tie with a piece of ribbon. Write the party details on a small square of card stock, and tuck it under the ribbon. Mail the invitations in mailing tubes or large padded envelopes, or hand deliver them.

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