Tea Party Ideas for Little Girls

These tea party ideas for your little girl take elegance and fun into account.  Little girls love to put on fancy dresses and act grown up, and Moms will love the opportunity to practice good table manners. Here are some ideas for hosting a tea party for the younger crowd.

Tea Party Themes
There are lots of fun themes you can choose for your tea party. A Teddy Bear Tea Party, where favorite bears are invited to join in, is great for little ones. A Garden Tea Party is perfect for a lovely spring day. Dainty ladies might also enjoy a princess-themed tea party, where they get to act like royalty.

Get creative with your invitations! While there are lots of tea party invitations available at your local party store, your guests will love receiving a clever handmade invitation. You can keep it simple, with a handwritten note on fancy stationary, or try replacing the tag on a real tea bag with a little card with the party details. For a small gathering, sending formally written invitations with a set of white gloves to wear at the party can be a fun twist.

The Menu
For little girls, it's best to keep the menu simple and kid-friendly. Cut sandwiches into charming little heart and flower shapes with cookie cutters. Stick to familiar favorites to please young and often picky palettes, such as peanut butter and jelly, cream cheese and preserves or even grilled cheese. You can also serve traditional tea party favorites, such as scones, cookies and tea cakes.

The Tea
Of course, you can't have a tea party without tea. For little ones, try serving a child-friendly fruity herbal tea, sweetened with a little honey. It's also a good idea to have apple juice or lemonade available for those who don't care for tea.

The Tea Table
Give your young guests a chance to feel grown up by using a fancy table set with real linens and china. You can find inexpensive mismatched china cups at thrift stores. Little details like fresh flowers on the table are a nice touch.

Send your guests home with a little something special from your party. There are all sorts of tea party favors, such as little china cups, fancy cookies or costume jewelry, available at party stores and online. If you'd prefer to make your own, small plastic or mesh bags from the party store filled with pastel candies and tied with a bow will be a hit with kids.

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