Girls Night Out Ideas

Women who need a break from work, home or both have more options than ever for a fun night out. When thinking of girls' night out ideas, consider the personalities and interests of the group and try one of the party ideas listed below:

Chick Flick Night

Whether out in the theater or rented at home, Girls Night could include seeing the movie that nobody's significant other wants go see with them. Meet at the theater, and then grab dessert and drinks afterward. Or, order Chinese food, make popcorn drizzled with chocolate and get cozy on the couch. Movie suggestions include Thelma and Louise, Pretty Woman, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Valley of the Dolls, Room with a View, Sex and the City or Absolutely Fabulous.

Beauty Night

Chip in for a spa night. Gather some recipes for do-it-yourself facials, and make and try them together. Or, for a special occasion, hire someone to do massages, manicures or facials. Put on great music, light candles and enjoy.

Game Night

Wear comfy clothes and play fun party games. Try the Sex in the City Trivia Game, Taboo, Apples to Apples or even a good Poker game. Munchies are the food of choice for Game Night, but feel free to have everyone bring their favorite snack food, cookie or dessert. Dessert martinis go well with this sort of party, but always ask someone to be designated driver or keep numbers for cab companies handy.

No Guilt Allowed

Have everyone make and bring their favorite decadent dessert, along with a photo that has a story behind it. Enjoy great conversation, learn more about each other and feast on chocolate.

Book Night

Even if you are too busy to join a book club, you can still have a Book Night. Everyone brings a book that they love to share with the rest of the friends. Talk about why you love the book, and read your favorite passage out loud.

Share and Learn Night

Each member is assigned to one night to teach the rest of the group anything they choose. Ideas could be how to make a great cheesecake, how to write a song, how to draw a figure, how to sew a hem, how to scrapbook, how to do calligraphy or how to say 10 things in another language. Share something you're passionate about. and give others the chance to learn more about you.

Mystery Night

Each person in the group is assigned to plan one Girls Night Out for the rest of the group. Set a budget, and leave it to them.

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