Throwing a Fiesta Party

A fiesta party is fun to throw and fun to attend. The southwestern theme parties abound with great music, food and fun party games. There are lots of vendors who sell supplies to make your fiesta party exciting and festive, and you can also make lots of your own decorations with a little creative flair.

One fun idea in terms of invitations is to send invitations wrapped in a bandana. Require all guests to come wearing the bandana (or at least one member of the family if it's a family party). Decorate invitations with stickers of sombreros and maracas.

Decorate the party room with hanging or draped Mexican blankets if you have them, or tapestries. Red, green and white balloons are perfect accents to the theme, and use crepe paper streamers in those colors too. Try having a big life sized poster of person in Mexican clothing, but cut out the face and stand it up so a guest can stand behind the picture and put his head in the hole while another guest takes his picture. If you have a digital camera and a printer, you can give out prints of the pictures as party favors. Small frames are cheap and can be decorated with paint pens too. Have maracas on the tables for guests to shake to the music. Of course have great fiesta music playing, too.

Piñatas are fun at a fiesta party. You can also play a game with a sombrero turned upside down in the middle of a circle of people. See who can throw a piece of candy into the head part of the sombrero. Whoever misses is out. Keep going until there is one winner. The winner gets the candy in the sombrero! A limbo contest is another fiesta party favorite. Karaoke is another great party activity. You want to get people dancing and shaking those maracas! Consider teaching line dances such as the Macarena.

Mexican fare or Tex-Mex is the way to go. Offer soft tacos and fajitas, tortilla soup, beans, rice, and quesadillas. Flan or a cake in red, green and white trim make nice desserts. For the grownups, Mexican beer or margaritas are good, and the kids can have punch.

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