Simple Irish Baby Blessings

If you need Irish baby blessings, you've got no shortage of choices; literally hundreds of Irish blessings were written for the darlin' wee ones. If you're looking for a prayer or a blessing to recite over your own newborn, you can always use one of the familiar Irish blessings found here. If you have a poet's heart, you may want to add a verse of your own.

Wishing You a Rainbow
Wishing you a rainbow
For sunlight after showers
Miles and miles of Irish smiles
For golden happy hours
Shamrocks at your doorway
For luck and laughter too
And a host of friends that never ends
Each day your whole life through

Irish Blessing Prayer
May you always have
A sunbeam to warm you
Good luck to charm you
And a sheltering angel
So nothing can harm you
Laughter to cheer you
Faithful friends near you
And whenever you pray
Heaven to hear you

May God Give You
May God give you
For every storm a rainbow
For every tear a smile
For every care a promise
And a blessing in each trial
For every problem life sends
A faithful friend to share
For every sigh a sweet song
And an answer for each prayer

May God Grant You Many Years
May God grant you many years to live
For sure He must be knowing
The Earth has angels all too few
And Heaven is overflowing

Irish Quote
Irish quotes are often humorous. Perhaps that's because many Irish baby blessings and quotes were created over a few draughts of ale. Lively quotes seemed to touch on the hardships a person might face in his or her lifetime, but more often reflected on what might happen in the afterlife. One of the most popular tavern quotes that has been recited over babies offers a good way to beat the odds with the Devil: "May you live to be a hundred years, with one extra year to repent."

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