Simple Shamrock Crafts

It's fun to make shamrock crafts to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Involve the kids and you'll have a great activity time. These shamrock crafts require very little skill and few materials, so even the youngest children can help make them.

Shamrock Prints
To make a shamrock print that you can stamp on almost anything you'd like to decorate, you need a potato, a pencil, a knife, green paint and paper.

Cut the potato in half. Use the pencil to draw a shamrock on the cut side of the potato. It's easy to draw if you draw three hearts, connected in the middle and a stem coming down from them. Use the knife to carefully cut around the shamrock design so that the shamrock is raised. Dry the potato with a paper towel or blot it on newspaper.

Pour some green paint onto a plate. Dip the potato into the paint, shamrock side down, and then stamp it onto the paper wherever you like. Dip again as needed. Stamp paper for cards, placemats, shirts, aprons, hats or anywhere you want to repeat your shamrock design.

Shamrock Napkin Rings Crafts
To make festive napkin rings for your table, start with a cardboard tube, either from paper towels, toilet paper or gift wrap. You'll also need green markers, green construction paper, glue and scissors.

Cut the cardboard tube into 1.5-inch rings. Color each ring with the markers. Make some shamrocks from construction paper by drawing three hearts connected at the points, with a stem coming down. Cut the shamrocks out with the scissors. Glue the shamrocks onto the outside of the cardboard rings and allow them to dry. Put a napkin through the shamrock ring and set one on each plate when you set the table.

Puffy Shamrock Decorations
These puffy shamrocks are adorable as decorations on your table, or you can put them up on the wall. You'll need green construction paper or card stock, glue, green tissue paper and scissors.

Draw some medium-sized shamrocks on the construction paper or card stock. Cut them out with the scissors. Spread some glue on the surface of the shamrocks so that a thin layer of glue is covering each one. Tear and crumble the green tissue paper into small wads. Put each wad of paper onto the shamrock until it's completely covered with little wads of tissue paper. Let it dry and display it wherever you wish.

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