Build a Leprechaun's Treasure Box - A Kid Friendly Activity

A great way to have some fun with your child is to build a Leprechaun's Treasure Box. These can be bought premade in your local arts and crafts stores, so all that is left is to let your child's imagination run wild and decorate to her heart's content.

What you need

- A wooden or paper mache treasure box. You can buy these, plain and bare, at arts and crafts stores.

- Markers, water colors, oil paints and other mediums in golden and green shades.

- Leprechaun-themed stickers.

- Glitter, either in sprinkle or pen form.

- Crafting glue, such as Elmer's.

- St. Patrick's Day party favors and decorations, the greener and more glittery the better. Make sure that they are not bigger than the treasure chest you will be working with.

- Various candy, such as golden coins, and other goodies to fill the box. These can be toys and not only sweet treats.

- Old newspaper to protect your work surface.

Making the box

- Prepare a flat and sturdy work surface with lots of room for your child to work on. Cover it with newspaper so that there is no worry about paint or glue getting on it.

- Let your children use the provided materials to decorate the Leprechaun's Treasure Box however they like. Again you can give them ideas here and there, but don't smother them. Even if what they are doing looks like an absolute mess, if they are happy with their creation, you should be, too.

- After all of the decorating is done, have the children leave the box alone for an hour or so to let it dry. During this time you can fill the box with the gold coins and other treats you prepared, so that your children get a nice surprise when they see it.

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