St. Patrick's Day Crafts For Kids

Planning St. Patrick's Day crafts for kids is the perfect way to teach them about this fun holiday, whether at a classroom St. Patrick's Day party or at home. When you explain the cultural contributions the Irish have made to the United States and to the world, every child will be eager to enjoy all things Irish on St. Paddy's Day.

Irish Good Luck Charms
Make these charms to ensure the luck of the Irish is with the child all year long. You'll need green polymer clay, a paper clip and a split key ring. Simply form several 3- or 4-leaf clovers out of the clay, about 2 inches wide. Press the paper clip into the center of the clover, with about half of it exposed. Cover the part of the paper clip that's been pressed into the clover with a thin bit of polymer clay. Press a leaf pattern into the clover leaves, and gently move the clover to a cookie sheet. Bake the clay according to directions. When it is cool, remove the clover, and slide a split key ring onto the exposed end of the paper clip. Attach to a backpack or house key for Irish luck.

Little Leprechaun House
Make a house for a little leprechaun, and have it double as a centerpiece for the table. You'll need a shoebox with the lid, green paint, green construction paper, glue, scissors and an assortment of decorations, including pebbles, moss, silk flowers and leaves and any other house adornments. Paint the shoebox green, both inside and out. Set the shoebox on its side inside the lid, creating a house and a little yard. Then help your child make leprechaun furniture for the inside, and decorate the outside, adding a pebble path, a leaf roof and flowers in the yard. Sticks, pinecones, buttons and even pipe cleaners can be added to the scene.

Potato Place Mats
Make St. Patrick's Day placemats for the whole family or for the guests at a St. Patrick's Day party. Gather several potatoes, green tempera paint and butcher or craft paper. Cut the paper into placemat-sized pieces. Cut the potatoes in half, and then carve a shape in relief on the cut side of the potato. Ideas include a shamrock, star, heart, rainbow, smiley face and letters. Dip the carved side of the potato in paint, and then blot some of the paint. Press the potato onto the paper, making a stamp. Decorate the placemats, and let them dry thoroughly. Laminate them for extra durability.

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A good St. Patrick's Day party doesn't stop at shamrocks and green beer. With a little knowledge of what the holiday means and of Irish traditions in general, you can throw a party that will appeal to guests of all ages with some fun St. Patrick's Day party ideas.

Add an extra dose of Irish luck when you celebrate St. Patrick's Day. A few creative St. Patrick's Day activities can help you and your family do more than simply remember to wear green.

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Give someone you know an Irish Gift Basket for St. Patrick's Day, and share the Luck of the Irish! To make these St. Patrick's Day gifts, simply put your thinking cap on-in this case a magical green Irish derby-and set your eyes on the rainbow. Before you know it, you'll have put together a gift basket that would rival a real leprechaun's pot of gold.

The origins of the Irish Celtic cross are lost to history and legends. Some feel that the circle represents time cycles; the four traditional Celtic festivals, Lughanasadh, Samhain, Imbolic and Bealtaine; or the house for the dead. Others think that the circle and cross could have represented the moon or the sun during ancient times.

Check out a brief St. Patrick's Day history to understand why we celebrate as the Irish do.

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