Fun Facts About Pilgrims

What facts about pilgrims do you know? We all know that they came to settle in America, met native Americans and celebrated the frist Thanksgiving. But did you know...

  • The Pilgrims moved to Holland before they came to the New World.
  • The Pilgrims left England because they wanted to practice their own religion, not the religion that the government wanted them to practice.
  • The Pilgrims ddecided to leave Holland, because they found they were losing their own traditions and their children were practicing Dutch traditions. It was sometimes difficult to practice two different traditions.
  • It took 64 days for the pilgrim ship Mayflower to cross the Atlantic.
  • The Pilgrims first spotted land at what is now known as Cape Cod, but kept sailing until they came to Plymouth.
  • Many Pilgrims died the first year because they ran out of food and got sick.
  • During March, the Indians introduced themselves to the Pilgrims and taught them how to use fish to fertilize corn and how to get sap from maple trees.
  • The Pilgrims first Thanksgiving celebration was in the middle of October. It lasted for three days.
  • There were 90 Indian braves and their chief at the first celebration.
  • The Indians brought five deer for the feast.
  • A Plymouth Pilgrim didn't just wear black and white clothes. Pilgrims also wore clothes that were colorful.
  • Women wore bonnets to keep their hair clean.
  • Pilgrims ate venison, which is deer meat, at the first celebration.
  • The first celebration was not called Thanksgiving. It was held because the Pilgrims wanted to thank the Indians for teaching them how to survive.
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