Make Vegetable Flowers

Do you know how to make vegetable flowers? The fanciest restaurants often serve vegetable garnishes alongside the entrees, and vegetable flowers are among the most popular and lovely. You can make vegetable flowers of your own to enhance a salad, main course or even a child's snack. While some flower garnishes are simple to make, others take a bit of practice.

Turnip Rose: Peel a turnip and then slice it into 1/8-inch thick pieces. On a clean flat surface, lay out at least 15 slices end to end, with each turnip slice overlapping slightly. Roll up the turnip line tightly and hold it rolled up. Carefully, cut a thin slice off the end of the turnip roll. This will allow the turnip rose to sit level. Dip the uncut end into either red or yellow food coloring. Place the unrolled turnip upright onto the plate. Adjust the "rose petals" slightly to look like a rose. You can enhance the turnip rose with green leaves as well.

Carrot Blossom: These little orange buds look lovely with parsley "leaves." Slice a 1-inch piece of peeled carrot and set the slice on a cutting board with the largest end facing up. Cut two grooves down into the top of the carrot, creating a hollowed out "X" with four peaks. Round out the peaks to resemble flower petals. Boil carrot pieces in salted water for around 8 minutes, until carrots are still firm, but softer. Immediately put carrots in iced water. Drain well before serving.

Coiled Lime Rose: With a fresh lime and a sharp paring knife, slice just under the green lime skin and start peeling. Cut a ½-inch wide strip that continues around and around the lime. Take care not to break the peel strip. Roll the strip into a circle-jelly roll style- and gently pull some of the pieces to resemble rose petals. The lime coil should be somewhat tightly rolled. Set on the plate and serve.

Cherry Tomato Bud: Cut the cherry tomato into quarters with a sharp knife, taking care not to slice all the way through. The tomato base should remain whole. Gently scrape the seeds from each of the four "petals." Press the "petals" down towards the plate and place a dab of coarse mustard in the center of the tomato to look like the center of a four-petaled flower.

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