Ideas for Elegant Table Centerpieces

Thinking up ideas for elegant table centerpieces for your table during the holidays can be a challenge. The traditional Thanksgiving cornucopia has been tried and tested, but branching out and making creative centerpieces that will impress your guests is easier than you might think. Even those who aren't crafty can take a few simple items and put together a table centerpiece that will pull the table together.

Commonly seen at weddings and formal events, the idea of fishbowls as Thanksgiving centerpieces might seem a bit out of place. However, craft stores and floral shops can give this beautiful table idea an autumn twist. Depending on the size of your table, select an appropriate number of fishbowls to line down the table, with space between them. For a small rectangular table, three should be enough.

Inside, place large beads, purchased from any craft store. Traditional clear or white beads are often used for weddings. However, for Thanksgiving, consider green, brown or burgundy to give the bowls an autumnal feel. Fill the bowls with water, and float a flower along the top of the bowl. Again, think autumn and select something orange, deep red or, if all else fails, white. Sprinkle extra leaves, or place small pumpkins and gourds between the bowls on the table to unify the presentation. This idea could easily be adapted for Easter using spring colors.

Place Card Holders
For Thanksgiving, instead of using place card holders in the traditional way, consider having guests write down something that they are thankful for, and place the holders in the center of the table. You can also set a pen in a seasonal color by each place setting so guests can write down their messages before the meal. Later on in the meal, you can switch place card holders and read each other's expressions of gratitude. Wrap green ivy and leaves, perhaps mixed with holly berries, around the holders, and you'll have a beautiful table centerpiece with a Thanksgiving touch. Place card holders can also be used on the table and decorated to accentuate larger centerpieces.

Child-Inspired Crafts
If your home is filled with the sounds of children's laughter, let them in on the table decorations for Thanksgiving or any other holiday or family gathering. They'll feel like they are participating in Thanksgiving preparations, and your guests will know they're seeing something special. Make turkeys on paper out of fingerpaint and your child's handprints. If you use a long strip of paper, then you can run it down the dining room table as if it were a table runner. Down the table between the handprints, consider framing pictures of your children on previous Thanksgivings. Or, purchase clay pots from a craft store that your children can decorate and use as planters for flowers as part of the table centerpiece. Even if the centerpiece doesn't involve something created by the kids, you can still get them involved by sending them out to collect pretty leaves that might look good in the centerpiece you choose.

Candles and Beads
Another option for a Thanksgiving or holiday table centerpiece is to take a large wicker or glass platter and place candles of varying sizes in the center of it. Fill the platter with beads scattered around the candles. Again, consider using autumnal colors, such as reds, greens, yellows, oranges and browns. Opt for unscented candles to avoid overwhelming the delicious smells radiating from the kitchen. This table centerpiece is simple to put together and can add a festive and unique touch to your holiday table.

Floral Centerpieces
Though not a unique idea, there's something to be said for floral creative centerpieces, especially on holidays such as Thanksgiving, when cooking and parade watching often take up most of the day. Consider a large centerpiece for the middle of the table with a smaller floral basket on each side, further down the table. Go to your local florist for suggestions, and, while there, browse through the available seasonal centerpiece flowers. If you do go with flowers, make sure to ask the florist how long you expect the flowers to last if you put cut flowers in an arrangement. Tie them together with ribbons in fall colors, and mix the flowers with fruits or gourds to create a harvest atmosphere.

Whatever you choose for your Thanksgiving or other celebration, keep seasonal colors and simplicity in mind, and you can't go wrong. These options can help you get started, and a trip to your local craft store will also get your imagination running as you think about decorating, whatever the holiday season.

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