Ideas for Table Centerpieces: Fall Flower Arrangements

For fall dinners or Thanksgiving, table centerpieces really makes the table look beautiful. There are many ways to decorate the table with fall flowers, including especially fall-themed place card holders, fresh fall flower arrangements and napkin holders. Here are some ideas for making your fall table festive.

Fresh flower arrangements
Fall flowers are beautiful. You can put them into a vase and put them in the center of the table. But think about making it extra fall-themed by placing the vase into a box and covering the box with those gorgeous fall colored leaves. You can also purchase a little floral foam-the flowers can be put into the foam, and the foam put into a basket, a straw woven bowl, a wooden bowl, or any size or shape container that makes it look different, artistic and special. Add a couple of long candles in the middle, or an orange ribbon tied in a bow. The professional look isn't hard to achieve with a little imagination. You can pack around the floral foam with some leaves, berries, or harvest vegetables. You can even make a small Thanksgiving cornucopia featuring fresh fall flowers by laying the flowers in the cornucopia basket atop a bed of colorful leaves and harvest vegetables and fruit.

Autumn leaf place card holders
Autumn leaves, whether real or faux, make nice place card holders. All you need is a few leaves, a wide ribbon and a Sharpie marker. Choose a few beautiful leaves, then tie them loosely with the ribbon, making a bow in the middle. Write the guest's name with the marker on the ribbon in flowing letters and place the leaves in the middle of the plate, atop the napkin.

Alternatively, wrap the leaves around the napkin and tie the whole bunch with the ribbon and write the guest's name on the bundle. If you don't want to include real or faux leaves you can always make leaves out of construction paper and decorate them with the guest's name, or glue faux leaves around existing napkin rings or ribbon and tie them around the napkins.

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Whether you are hosting a fancy dinner party or just want to decorate your table for the holidays, a centerpiece can quickly become the focus of the room. Go beyond a bouquet of fresh flowers for some truly original ideas to make your table look outstanding with these table centerpiece ideas.

Not only do place cards make seating guests easy, but they also make family, friends and guests feel special by adding fun and elegance to any table setting.

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After you know who should sit next to whom at the meal, you'll need to design and make place cards that will give your guests direction and still look good on the table.

Don't worry, no one will laugh if you don't know which fork is the salad fork. In fact, you might not even need a salad fork. Proper table setting is easier than you think if you follow a few basic guidelines.

Set a vibrant table for your next dinner party by mixing and matching your table settings. Do what's pleasing to look at and what goes with the theme of the party for success. When you follow a few rules of thumb, you can come up with endless appealing place settings that will come together in a striking display of table art.

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