Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friend and fellowship. Fall is in full swing and colder weather is on its way. Most of us plan a huge Thanksgiving dinner with a house overflowing with people. Planning the meal and holiday decorations is half the fun of the big event. And since the meal is the main focus of the day you want the table to be gloriously decorated. Here are some quick and easy table setting ideas that will add sparkle to your Thanksgiving meal this year.

Gifts from Nature
There is no better time of year than Thanksgiving to use what nature has given as decorations. Pumpkins, gourds, leaves and Indian corn in wonderful reds, browns, yellows and oranges are perfect for using on the table. Sunflowers and other fall flowers add to the colorful array. This year why not use medium size pumpkin as your centerpiece? Place it on a bed of colorful leaves and scatter the leaves down the middle of the table on either side. Use miniature pumpkins as place holders - use permanent marker to write each guest's name on the mini pumpkin.

Cornucopia of Ideas
Purchase a wicker or wooden basket and line it with fall colored fabric. You can also overlap and line it with several napkins in the color you want. Place the basket on its side and fill it with fruit and vegetables that spill out over the table. Use smaller baskets to hold napkins, salt and pepper shakers and silverware. Use ice cream comes (the kind with a point on the end) to create miniature cornucopias filled with fruit shaped candy and treats for each guest.

An Array of Color
Why not get bold and colorful this year. You can use disposable plates or regular ones for this theme. Get a bright autumn colored tablecloth and start from there. Pick out colors that coordinate with the tablecloth and make each place setting a different color. Use yellows, reds, greens, oranges and browns. Make the napkins match the table settings but switch the around - a yellow napkin with a red plate, a brown one with a green plate. Buy a roll of fall colored tulle and wind and bunch it down the middle of table around miniature pumpkins of holiday candles. It will be a dinner party setting your guests won't soon forget.

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