Thanksgiving Ideas

Thanksgiving is about more than just football and feeding frenzies. It's a time for people to come together and be appreciative of their families and what they have. This true meaning of Thanksgiving often gets lost in the chaos surrounding the preparation of a perfect meal. Here are some Thanksgiving ideas to help your family focus on what this truly special day is all about.

Build a cornucopia of your family's favorite fruits and vegetables-ones that can sit out on display. Have each family member contribute by adding a food item. After creating this most beautiful natural piece of artwork, remind your family, and yourself, that this was a group project so each one of you is represented in the cornucopia. (Weaved cornucopias are available at most craft stores.)

A time-honored tradition is to tie Indian corn to a rope and hang it from the door. Include one ear for each member of the family.

Fill a basket with dried flowers and set it by the front door. This creates a warm, inviting feeling for your guests.

Pumpkins, gourds and cornstalks are just as essential decorations for Thanksgiving as they are for Halloween. Winter squashes can also be added. Divide the decorating among family members so everyone can help and participate.

Make a family cardboard turkey. Use a large piece of brown poster board to draw a turkey minus the tail-it doesn't have to look like you hired an artist-that isn't the point. Trace each family member's hand on different colored paper-orange, yellow, red-to make "tail feathers." Attach the turkey to a wall and add his tail.

Invite your guests to help out. People know how much work goes into preparing a Thanksgiving meal, and they can feel guilty for showing up at a home where hours of preparation have gone into a feast with no help. Ask them to bring a dish, and assign someone to roll duty to make sure there are plenty of hot ones available. Put someone in charge of dessert. And for dishes-everyone is welcome. Make sure all the work doesn't get piled on one person-it should be a day of giving thanks for everybody. After everyone is seated, go around the table and have each person name something they are thankful for-then dig in.

Make up teams and use the letters from the words "Happy Thanksgiving" to see how many words each team comes up with-the winning team gets to take home extra leftovers.

Play "alphabet thanks"-each person takes a turn to name something they are thankful for in alphabetical order, and remember what everyone before them said they were thankful for.

Cut out or draw dozens of pictures of turkeys (a copier might come in handy). Hide them around the house and have a turkey hunt. The one who finds the most turkeys gets an extra piece of pie in their doggy bag.

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