Thanksgiving Turkey Tips for a Moist Bird

There are many ways to make and serve the most delicious and moist turkey possible. The following are some Thanksgiving turkey tips to help make your meal a success.

First off, be sure to buy a fresh turkey. If you freeze turkey, it's more likely to be tough in texture. When you thaw it, it may lose some of its flexibility. Try to buy a fresh turkey a few days before the event. This way, you aren't investing in a grocery store turkey that has been in the freezer for weeks.

If you do need to buy a frozen turkey, there are ways to maximize its moistness. Keep it in the wrapper and thaw for a day or two in the refrigerator. You always want 24 hours of thaw time per 5-7 pounds of turkey. This rule is quite important. Unwrap the turkey the morning you plan on cooking and serving the meat. Remove the neck and giblet bags to ensure the turkey's innards aren't frozen. If there are pieces of the meat that are still frozen, run cold water on it. Keep the meat cool until you're ready to stuff it.

If you want a super moist turkey, you can open pan roast it or you can fry it. If you fry the turkey, it will cook quickly and you will have space in the oven to make other dishes, but you won't be able to stuff it. Also, you'll have to watch the turkey while it cooks and the turkey's skin turns a darker color. The plus of open pan roasting is that you can pack the turkey full of stuffing.

To help get a nice golden color for your turkey, consider spreading butter, salt and pepper on its skin or using a marinade. Additionally, allowing the turkey to sit in a brine recipe prior to cooking will also make it more moist and flavorful.

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