Is It a Good Idea to Deep Fry a Turkey

The following are just some things to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to deep fry a turkey for the Thanksgiving meal.

The pros to frying a turkey revolve around time, flavor and moistness or juiciness. Frying a turkey is generally much quicker than smoking or baking it. If you are pressed for time, this can be a great way to cook up a turkey in close to no time, as the oils are so hot they cook the bird much more quickly. Most people in the world loved fried food. Thus, the flavor of fried turkey can seem intoxicating. Lastly, turkeys that are fried generally end up more juicy or moist than other turkeys. It is hard to get the breast of a turkey moist, so this is a surefire solution to an age-old problem.

Unfortunately, the number one con to frying a turkey is that it is a dangerous endeavor. A lot of people who try and deep-fry a turkey end up filling the pot too full and when the turkey goes in, the oil spills out. Thus, the fryer or cook is burned and there is the high likelihood of a fire. Additionally, frying a turkey can be quite expensive. You have to buy gallons of oil to fry such a large piece of meat, and this can add up, especially if you mess up on the first try and have to fry another turkey.

If you have limited experience when it comes to frying, then it is suggested that you forego the plan to fry the turkey and wait until you have some time to practice before your next Thanksgiving meal. You don't want to show up to your first Thanksgiving meal with burns on your body.

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