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The best country love songs are the true classics, the ones that managed to break your heart while renewing your hope in love all at the same time.
By Cheryl Bowman
When you want to express your love, sometimes your own language just won't do, and that's where Italian love sayings come in.
By Jennifer Maughan
Buying Valentine gifts for husbands is simple if you think hard about what would make your husband feel loved and appreciated. No matter what you choose to give to your spouse, these gift ideas will be sure to please.
By Courtney Ramirez
Ladies, it's time to choose Valentine's gifts for guys. Guys can be less "mushy," so flowers, candy and poetic cards might not be the right fit. Don't worry, though. Your first gift goal is to be thoughtful. These tips will help you find the perfect gift.
By Alice Langholt
Do you want to show someone special how much they mean to you? Heart mobiles are easy to make and the perfect gift for Mother's Day, birthdays, and Valentine's Day.
By Katelyn Thomas
The history of Cupid dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, and includes a story where Cupid himself falls in love.
By Alice Langholt
Due to different flower meanings, there may be more to that bouquet you just got than you think. Understanding what each type of flower represents may make the intentions of the giver much clearer.
By Jennifer Maughan
Presentation is everything on Valentine's Day! Make sure the mood is softened and soothed by the automatic, aromatic battery operated candles you set up the night before. You are in!
By Shari
When Valentine's Day comes around, there's nothing handier than a little Valentine gift basket that you can fill with candy or small gifts. Wouldn't it be great if you could make one yourself-maybe a heart-shaped one? Well, you can, and it's easy, so easy that you can make them as gifts to give to all your friends. Here's how it's done.
By Lucy Oliveri-O'Hearn
From cards to candy, there are several strange facts about Valentine's Day.
By A. E. Freeman
Try these homemade Valentine ideas, including simple suggestions and more detailed projects for him, for her and for the kids.
By Helen Polaski
Your child can make these cute heart art beads crafts to give to someone special on either Valentine's Day or any day they just want to cheer someone up. They are easy to make and can be hung almost anywhere.
By Denise Oliveri
Some fun, different, and non-traditional gift ideas for Valentine's Day.
By MJ Harker
Flowers are a wonderful and romantic gesture, but what is the meaning of rose colors? You may want to pick up roses that are a little bit different, but you don't want to offend the object of your affections, either.
By Belinda J Mooney
These Valentine table decorations will set the perfect mood, whether it's a romantic dinner for two or a special Valentine dinner for the family.
By Helen Polaski
Be careful, St. Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Pretty soon, there will be pictures of red and pink hearts everywhere, pink and red roses on sale, and lots and lots of chocolate. On Feb. 14, this will just be an image to many people, because unfortunately, Valentine's Day is just another day.|&&|The Society of American Florists reports that approximately 81% of men are unromantic on Valentine's Day ranking themselves as a seven or lower on a romantic scale of one to ten, forcing many women to be unhappy.
By Simon Wright
Check this list of romantic love songs and their meanings, including songs for those who are just falling in love and those who've been together for many years.
By Alice Langholt
These ideas for homemade Valentine gifts will appeal to everyone who likes the themes of the holiday but wants to create something personal and special. 
By Helen Polaski
It can be tricky choosing Valentine presents for men. Oftentimes, a woman's idea of a great romantic gift and a man's idea of a perfect romantic gift can be two different things. While the girls are all about the swoony stuff, the guys sometimes see things a bit differently.
By Teresa Hall
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