Choose Flower Color Meanings as Love Symbols

Select from a range of flower color meanings to enhance the moments you find necessary to express with roses. From passion and desire to friendship and admiration, the color of rose you send can open a whole new line of communication with the recipient.

White: Purity, innocence, secrecy or humility. Send white roses at the beginning of the relationship, when you want her to know your love is pure and you are humbled by her perfection.

Pink: Admiration, gratitude and appreciation. This is a wonderful rose color to present when the relationship has moved into the fun and flirty stage. This love symbol is sweet and playful, just like that special person in your life.

Yellow: Friendship, hope and gladness, but also jealousy. Yellow flowers are a strong hint that the sender considers the relationship to be purely a friendship with no romantic feelings whatsoever.

Orange: Desire and excitement. Send orange or coral roses to the person who makes you feel excited, and let them know of your desire to be near. Hinting at playful passion, orange and coral roses send the message of promise and intimacy.

Red: Love, passion, courage and desire. Red roses are among the most powerful love symbols. There's no mistaking the sender's emotions when sending red roses.

Peach: Sympathy, thankfulness and admiration. This color of rose is just right to send to your partner when you feel deep appreciation for something they've done. It blends orange and pink to demonstrate your feelings in all aspects of the relationship.

Lavender: Faithfulness, hope and generosity. This color of rose always symbolizes devotion and romance: the kind that will last forever. Because they are both unique and noble, lavender roses let your partner know you treasure your one-of-a-kind relationship.

Some flower color meanings can be combined to send a unique message to the recipient.

White and red: These colors can stand for unity and are often used to announce an engagement.

Yellow and orange: Together, these colors signify that the sender is having passionate thoughts.

Yellow and red: A celebration is in order when these two colors combine to deliver a congratulatory message.

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