Italian Love Sayings and Love Symbols

When you want to express your love, sometimes your own language just won't do, and that's where Italian love sayings come in. Italy has long been associated with passionate living, from food and wine to love and fashion. The nation of Italy itself is a love symbol, so tap into the Italian way of life when it comes to expressing yourself and your feelings to your sweetheart.

Using Italian for short love sayings can make a Valentine's card extra special or make a love note more erotic. Write short Italian love sayings on the bathroom mirror in red lipstick, or print out a phrase and frame it for his office. Sending a message in Italian is a deliciously sweet way to express yourself passionately to your partner without others knowing what you are saying.

Sample Italian Love Sayings
Choose a simple message in Italian that would be perfect to sign on a card or love letter, expressing your affections:

"I miss you."
Mi manchi.

"I love you."
Ti amo.

For a deeper relationship, tell your special someone how important they are and use Italian to let the recipient know of your feelings of love:

"You are my life."
Sei la mia vita.

"My beloved."
Amore mio.

"I can't live without you."
Non posso vivere senza di te.

"I want to stay with you forever."
Voglio stare con te per sempre.

Italian Love Quotes
Share one of many beautiful Italian love quotes that will give the recipient a special thrill. With such poetic language blended with the exotic nature of the Italian language, the recipient is sure to be thrilled:

"Love is in your heart, not to stay, but to be shared."
L'amore si trova nel tuo cuore non per resarci, ma per essere condiviso.

"The heart that loves is always young."
L'amore mantiene giovanni.

"You are always in my heart."
Sei sempre nel mio cuore.

"Love is a beautiful red rose, given for no reason."
L'amore e una bellissima rosa rossa donata senza una ragione apparente.

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