Meaning of Rose Colors

Flowers are a wonderful and romantic gesture, but what is the meaning of rose colors? You may want to pick up roses that are a little bit different, but you don't want to offend the object of your affections, either.

Flowers, the Language of Love
Some of the meanings of rose colors are still well known; for example, red roses indicate passion, true and romantic love. Burgundy roses suggest beauty. Pink roses can have different meanings depending on the shade of pink: Light pink indicates desire, passion, joy and energy, medium pink represents grace and dark pink can mean gratitude.

Orange Roses and Yellow Roses
An orange or coral rose is another message of passion. Yellow roses are more complicated and can mean friendship, platonic love, a dying love or even infidelity and jealousy. You might want to use caution when sending a yellow rose.

Purple Roses and Blue Roses
Roses in the purple color family can have different meanings depending on the shade. A blue rose indicates mystery and attaining the impossible while a lavender rose, like a thornless rose, indicates love at first sight.

Other Rose Lore
Black roses can have many meanings also. Black roses can represent death, but they can also mean farewell. White roses mean innocence, virtue and devotion.

Different color roses can be combined for completely new meanings. For example, white coupled with red can mean unity and enduring love, and red coupled with yellow indicates joy and excitement. Even the stems add meaning; if the thorns are removed, it means love at first sight.

Using the language of flowers is a wonderful and romantic gesture, as this art is so uncommon today. But be sure to include a card that explains the meaning to your recipient.

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