Valentine Table Decoration Ideas

When it comes to Valentine table decoration ideas, you can't go wrong with a romantic table setting for two. Valentine table decorations can be as simple as a handful of Conversation Hearts strewn across the table, but why would you want to scrimp on Valentine's Day, the day created for love? Instead of being low key, go all out so that your loved ones know how much you care. Everything from flowers to handmade Valentines belong on a Valentine's Day table, for each one has its own way of saying "I Love You."

Valentine's Day Tablecloths and Centerpieces
When it comes to Valentine's Day, romantic is the word of the day. But at the same time, you have to keep in mind who will be coming to dinner. Different guests require different atmosphere and different decorations.

Candles create atmosphere and ambiance and are perfect for any dinner, unless, of course, you will have inquisitive children at the table, or cats that do not behave. One tall taper in the middle of the table makes the perfect centerpiece on a table for two. Just add a rosette of flowers at the base of the candle and you're good to go. Don't overdo one single taper with too much in the line of ribbon or frou-frou, or it will start to look off balance.

If using flowers as a centerpiece, make sure the flowers match the other colors on the table or tablecloth or it will throw the whole table off balance. And while anything from paper plates to the finest crystal will do, only you can decide what type of atmosphere you'd like for your table. Paper plates will create a more laid-back, picnic feel, while crystal will create a lovely wine-and-dine mood.

Dinner with Your Significant Other
If your Valentine's Day dinner will be with your significant other, your best bet is to go with a small round table for two. It's more romantic because it's small and you'll be close. It's also ideal for candlelight, which often isn't as eloquent when the table is too large.

Start with a white tablecloth that reaches the floor. Then place a red square of material at an angle over the table. This will then be covered with a slightly smaller white cloth, allowing a few inches of the red to peek through demurely. To this table add a bouquet of flowers, making sure there are enough red flowers to bring out the color of the table skirt.

To make this table really pop, however, you might want to use red material in some sort of design. If you like paisley, use red paisley, then make sure the color is repeated in the form of chargers, napkins and a ribbon around the vase of flowers.

If it's not possible to add a candle to the flower arrangement without forcing the guests to look through the candles rather than over them, add a lightly scented votive candle to each place setting.

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