Very Simple Low Cost Valentine Decorations

This is a very simple low cost way to make valentine decorations.

You will need the following supplies:

  • iron
  • a piece of parchment paper or freezer wrap can be substituted if necessary
  • 6 to 8 plastic bags The thin ones from the grocery store work best.
  • scissors
  • heart template. Simply draw several sizes of hearts on paper and cut out for patterns.
  • permanent markers
  • hole punch
  • string, yarn or fishing line for hanging
  • Optional: stickers, glue, other embellishments of your choice.

To start making your valentine decorations, first preheat your iron to the hottest setting. Then cut the plastic bags into squares. Remove the side seams and handles so the squares will lie flat when stacked. Cut the squares at least 1 inch larger than the heart pattern your using.

Next place 2 squares on top of each other and cover with the parchment paper. Then iron quickly back forth until the pieces are melted together.  Add 1 square at a time and cover with the parchment paper and iron. You will need to do this for each layer. Generally 5 to six squares makes a thick piece of plastic but you may adjust the number of squares to get the thickness you want.

When you have several pieces ironed together, take the permanent marker and trace around your heart template. Cut out the hearts following your lines. Then punch a hole in the top middle of your hearts to hang them.  You may now decorate them by with the permanent markers. They may be colored solid, poke-a-dotted, curly Q's, any way you choose.

Tie the hearts with your string to hang, varying the heights to add interest. You may also use a plastic lid to make a circular arrangement. Simply punch holes around the outside edge and tie on the hearts. If you use fishing line or other weather proof string these may be used outside as well. 

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