Heart Art Beads Crafts for Kids

Your child can make these cute heart art beads crafts to give to someone special on either Valentine's Day or any day they just want to cheer someone up. They are easy to make and can be hung almost anywhere.

Craft Difficulty Rating: Easy

You Will Need:

  • 3 pink pipe cleaners

  • Beads, assorted shades of pink


  1. String one shade of pink beads onto a pipe cleaner. Leave room at both ends of the pipe cleaner so you can twist them together to secure the heart shape.

  2. Once you have beaded the pipe cleaner all the way, twist the two ends together, and then fashion the beads into the shape of a heart.

  3. Make the second heart a bit smaller than the first and third by cutting the pipe cleaner a little bit shorter. Repeat step 1 above. When you are ready to twist the ends of the second heart together, be sure to do this so the first and second hearts are interlocking.

  4. Now make the last pipe cleaner as you did the first one, but use yet another shade of pink. Again, interlock this heart with the second heart before twisting the ends together. That's it!

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