How to Make Decorative Heart Pillows

You can learn how to make decorative pillows with a few materials. It can be as large or small as you want to make it. These are the basic instructions for any size that you choose. Give your heart to someone you love, or keep it as a reminder to love others.

Craft Difficulty Rating: Average

You Will Need:

  • Two pieces of felt that are the same size (different colors or the same color)

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Polyfil stuffing or scrap pieces of fabric

  • Ballpoint pen


  1. Lay two pieces of felt on top of each other so all ends match up.

  2. Draw a heart in the middle of one of the pieces of felt with a ballpoint pen. Leave an edge of at least 4" all the way around the heart.

  3. Draw rectangles that are about 2" in length coming out of the edge of the heart. Make each rectangle at least 1" apart. The rectangles are what you will tie together to keep the Polyfil inside the pillow.

  4. Cut the rectangles and the spaces between the heart with a good pair of scissors.

  5. Flip the pieces of felt around, so that the pen marks will be inside the pillow and not on the outside.

  6. Start tying the rectangles together and when you reach about half way around, fill the pillow with Polyfil. Continue tying the rectangles until you are done.

  7. Now you can give your heart away or keep it for yourself.

Variation: You can cut out letters from extra felt pieces to glue to the pillow.

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