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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Men and Women

    After New Year's Day, many people, especially those in relationships, contemplate what to get their loved one for Valentine's Day.  While some completely disregard the holiday, many see it as an opportunity to express their love in some form of materialistic romance.  However, both men and women are equally challenged in searching for the perfect gift.

Perhaps the man's quest is less daunting.  Conventional society often marginalizes female gift prospects to include chocolate, flowers, stuffed animals, dinner, and jewelry.  One of those items or something related is likely to make a woman smile.  Women, however, may find it difficult in selecting a Valentine's Day gift insofar as many of the aforementioned items weaken masculinity, or at the very least are unlikely to be of general interest to males.  Some good gift ideas for men include dinner, cute/sentimental cards, picture frames, wallets, gourmet food, CDs, and movies.

Additionally, if one is to give someone a gift basket for Valentine's Day, he or she must place a lot of thought into its contents.  Usually, the makings of a Valentine's Day gift basket genuinely suit the receiver's personal interests and significance in the giver's life.  The holiday's focus on love results in a plethora of items imbued with pink, red, and white.  Also, many stores offer heart-shaped things in light of the holiday. While the romantic gifts are quintessential, the addition of personal items to the gift basket may generate a more appreciative response.  They do not have to be expensive either.  For example, if John's girlfriend, Candice, loves to play tennis, he could throw in a tennis ball, or a pair of socks for the game.  Overall, Valentine's Day gift baskets are usually typified by romantic stuffings; however, the inclusion of personalized gifts give the basket an unprecedented flare. 

Ultimately, the gift choice should adequately reflect one's personal feelings.  Heartfelt, sentimental tokens of love consummate the essence of this romantic holiday.  The perfect gift requires more spiritual than monetary wealth.  The giver's consideration and love for the receiver are the fuel for the search.  Often the most impressionable gifts relate to the receiver's interest or personality type, regardless of the stereotypical, gender-based recommendations.  However, the positive redundany of said stereotypical options sustain their status due to their effective way of communicating the heart's most important message: I love you. 

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