A Celebration of Love: The Creative Valentine's Evening

Valentine's Day provides a perfect opportunity for two people to reaffirm the love that they have for each other. However, many couples feel that Valentine's Day has become too commercialized and suffers from the whiff of tokenism. You are expected to buy an expensive card, plus flowers, and then to be one of many hand-holding couples sitting in an expensive restaurant that's playing love songs that you've probably heard a million times before. If you really want Valentine's Day to be a representation of your love, however, then it's time to abandon the herd and do something a little more creative.

Rent a holiday cabin and have a cozy evening in front of a log fire

Why not take the opportunity to combine Valentine's Day with a miniholiday? The two of you could rent a holiday cabin in a beautiful setting and then enjoy a cozy evening in front of a log fire. Just make sure that you have stocked up on fine wine and the ingredients to make a delicious Valentine's meal. If your chosen location happens to be blessed with February snow, then you might even get in a little skiing or at least spend some time making a snowman!

Countryside excursion, with picnic

There's something very romantic about escaping the crowds and finding somewhere remote and wild to be with the one you love. Freed from the babble of chatter and the choking pollution of car fumes, you can stroll hand in hand and take in the fresh air. For many, this will bring back memories of early dates and carefree times before you had to worry about arranging a baby sitter! Making sure you've wrapped up warmly, you can bring a picnic hamper with you, find a quiet spot and then sit back and enjoy the scenery and wildlife. Or, if the weather is too bracing to allow for outside eating, retreat to the car and enjoy your picnic in a heated setting.

Creative city celebration

You don't have to escape to the countryside to enjoy a creative Valentine's evening. Your city's restaurants and pubs may be full of other couples doing the usual Valentine things, but you can design an evening's worth of fun while steering clear of the masses. Perhaps you could start by visiting some of your city's quirky and less-known attractions, the ones that you've maybe seen signposted before but have never gotten around to checking out. We often spend years in a city without really taking in its culture and architectural beauty, so maybe it's time to set aside a date for perusing one of your city's museums or art galleries. Then, the evening could perhaps be taken forward by getting a takeout pizza and relaxing in your house while watching a favorite film and snuggling.

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If you plan ahead, stay positive and enlist the help of your friends and family members, you can come up with a variety of memorable Valentine's Day ideas.

Even if the words "Valentine's Day" strike fear in your heart, coming up with romantic ideas for Valentine's Day for your sweetie needn't be an impossible, nor an overly expensive, task. With a little thought and effort, a romantic Valentine's Day is well within reach.

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Does spending a lot of money on your special someone for Valentine's Day prove your love? Well, it can't hurt.

Be careful, St. Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Pretty soon, there will be pictures of red and pink hearts everywhere, pink and red roses on sale, and lots and lots of chocolate. On Feb. 14, this will just be an image to many people, because unfortunately, Valentine's Day is just another day.


The Society of American Florists reports that approximately 81% of men are unromantic on Valentine's Day ranking themselves as a seven or lower on a romantic scale of one to ten, forcing many women to be unhappy.

Good Valentine box ideas can impress your loved one so much that he won't even care what is inside the box. These homemade Valentine gifts can also be used as boxes for the kids to take to school.

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