How to Save Money on Children's Valentine's Day Cards

Saving money on Valentine's day cards is not as complicated as you think. With the economy the way it is, every dime you save starts to add up.

One the first things to do is look for a low-cost candy option. Look through the clearance aisle from Christmas. Many of these candies are already even wrapped in red. Don't just look at the outside of the package. Rather take the time to look through the cellophane and see what the inside wrapper is. Often candies are not wrapped in Christmas marking inside. These candies are often clearanced at 75 percent or more.

The easiest way to save some money is to make your own. However, if you have to go buy all the supplies, it may be cheaper to buy a set of pre-made cards.

On the other hand, if you have construction paper or left over scrap booking supplies this is a good use for them. You can find ideas for patterns all over the net. Just run a quick search for home made valentine's day cards. Remember you don't need to follow these exactly just get the idea. Plus you can make 5 of one kind and 5 of different if you don't have enough supplies to make ten. The basic rule is to use what you already have.

If you really want ones with popular characters, such as Tinker Bell, use some stickers. These are easy to find and add a popular twist to homemade valentine's day cards.

Also, if you really want to score big with little ones, don't peel off the stickers. Simply cut around them and then glue the whole onto the card. Now you have a card they can peel the stickers off of and use any way they want, effectively doubling your bang for your buck.

If you design a card that folds shut, you will not need to make envelopes. This both saves supplies and does not waste paper. Nobody misses the envelope, and there is less to throw away after the party.

For quick and easy embellishments, look at stuff you already have. If you scrap book punches just punch some shapes from pretty paper. Tinfoil makes a pretty star. Use a glue stick, and you have free stickers. Salt mixed with a little glue makes excellent glitter that can be brushed on or run a glue stick over the are and sprinkle on and shake off if you want colored glitter. Add food coloring to you salt and stir before using. Don't forget old finger nail polishes have a great shine when used for dots and stuff.

Children love Valentine's Day Cards with extras. Be honest the actual card usually is forgotten by the next day. The candy or toy gets the attention. You can save money by buying cheap dollar Valentines day cards and spending the extra money for the included item. A low cost idea is to include a pencil topper eraser. These are usually sold in packs of 20 for a dollar or two. Simple open and secure to each card or place in the envelope. Boys and girls both will appreciate them and they are useful. For an extra pizzaz, you can even decorate them with a permanent marker if you're inclined to.

Just to remember to use the same creativity that you use in other holidays. Shortly you too will be saving money in lots of small ways while still having fun.

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Valentine's Day was an attempt to replace the pagan holiday of Lupercalia, the celebration of fertility and purification, that was still celebrated through the 5th century in Rome. The Church can feel quite satisfied that the attempt has succeeded.

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