How to Throw a Valentine-Making Tea Party for Children

Little girls, and even little boys, love receiving valentines from their classmates. Why not throw a valentine-making party for your child?

After all, what child doesn't love having or being invited to a party?  What little girl or boy doesn't enjoy making something of his or her own creation?  And who doesn't love Valentine's Day?

First, ask your child to list a few favorite friends he or she would like to have over for the party.  Anywhere from six to eight is a good number.

Buy construction paper in red, pink, and white, paper lace doilies, small beads or glitter, markers, and glue from a stationery store.  Make sure you have a few pairs of scissors on hand.

Lay out the supplies on a large table for the children ahead of time.  A wooden table covered with newspaper works better than one with a tablecloth. 

Show the children how to draw and cut hearts from the construction paper and doilies, and how to cut the paper into manageably-sized cards that can fold in half. 

Designing their own cards is where the fun lies for kids.  They can cover them with hearts and lace, pink the edges of the cards with scissors, and write messages on them, such as "Be Mine," "I Love You," and "You Are a Sweetheart."  The cards don't need envelopes.

After the children have had fun with their creations, serve a little tea-time lunch: try pearl tea, made half with herbal tea and half with hot milk, and little tea sandwiches cut in triangles from which the crusts have been trimmed. Egg salad, cream cheese, and thinly sliced tomatoes with mayonnaise spread on the bread slices make good choices for fillings.  Hawaiian Punch is a good option for children who won't drink pearl tea.

For dessert serve pink and white iced cupcakes your own child can help you make the night before. Colored sprinkles and tiny silver sugar balls on top make them look festive.

Use real teacups and saucers and pretty paper plates and napkins for the tea party.  The teacups add a touch of elegance for children, and paper plates and napkins with a Valentine's Day theme make for easy cleanup. 

Ask the children to assist with cleanup.  They can throw away the newspapers and paper plates and napkins in the trash, and carry the teacups to the sink.  

See that each child has a small bag in which to carry home his or her valentines. 

Have the children bring their handmade Valentine's Day cards to school to distribute.  Make sure there is one for the teacher!


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The Society of American Florists reports that approximately 81% of men are unromantic on Valentine's Day ranking themselves as a seven or lower on a romantic scale of one to ten, forcing many women to be unhappy.

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