Getting the Inspection and Occupancy Permit

When your renovation is complete, make sure you get all the necessary inspections so you avoid costly fines.

Home renovations can add to your home's value. However, if you fail to get the proper inspections or occupancy permit, you can create major headaches for yourself down the road.Permits
Before beginning a home renovation, check to see if you need a permit. Cities and counties can require permits for things that you would never imagine; even repairing a window can require a permit in some areas. Find out before you start if your project requires a permit. Failing to get one if needed can result in very expensive fines for you, and it could mean more repairs or updates to meet code when you sell your home.If you are using a contractor for your home renovation, then your contractor should acquire all necessary permits. If a contractor tries to dissuade you from getting a required permit, find a new contractor immediately. The renovation will be illegal and likely result in fines without the permit.Inspections
At completion of the home renovation, an inspection needs to be done. The inspection verifies that all work is up to code and that the work has been completed properly. This gives assurances to the homeowner (and any future homeowner) that the renovation has been done correctly.Occupancy permit
After the inspection, get an occupancy permit. It is given by the appropriate local agency that says the home is safe for occupancy after the renovation. It occurs after the inspection.You don't want to cut corners with any of the inspections or permits for your home renovation. It is much cheaper to pay for the necessary permits and inspections as opposed to paying for fines and changes afterwards. Also, in some cases the city can even make you "undo" your renovation if you do not have the necessary permits. Buyers can also ask for documentation of the permits and inspection, making it difficult to sell your home if your renovation wasn't properly handled.

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Hiring a good contractor who has a contractor's license and insurance is half the battle, but there are other things you should be aware of as well. Who you choose to run your home renovation project can make all the difference.

Home-improvement contracting requires a lot of trust from both parties, but with common sense and a few precautions, you won't be taken for a ride.

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